AIPAC- the Poster Child for What’s Wrong in Washington

AIPAC’s annual policy conference is a confluence of special interest, money, and lawmakers. If there is any doubt of that, look at its lengthy list of speakers. If there is any doubt as to the intentions of AIPAC, read their mission statement for the policy conference: The conference is a celebration of the U.S.-Israel partnership and the premier opportunity for every attendee to lobby their Congressional office to advance the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Whereas last year’s speech by AIPAC CEO Howard Kohr was primarily about the existential threat of Iran, this year’s speech was about the existential threat of those that would question the intent of U.S. pro-Israel legislation. Without naming any names, mind you. Of course this is once again improperly framed as an attack on Jewish “dual loyalties.”

“The scurrilous charge of dual loyalty is a signal, and that signal, amplified by today’s social media, is now empowering people who have long-opposed our cause, our movement, and frankly, everything we have built. Now we see the intense hatred of the Jewish state is creeping from the margins towards the center of our politics — places where political coalitions are built, places where this nation’s leaders gather to debate and make decisions.”

Howard, why don’t you just say Ilhan Omar?

How about if I make some inferences now, but mine will not be incorrect, as was the framing of Ilhan Omar’s statements about the questionable legislation the US is creating on behalf of Israel and the questionable impact of money on the process of legislation as somehow being anti-Semitic, how about if I do that?

Is the “scurrilous” charge that is a “signal,” is that a dog-whistle call from a “people who have long opposed our cause” such as a Muslim or figurative representative of Palestine “where the nation’s leaders gather” to take up anti-Semitism? Is that what you are saying Howard? Am I misreading your statement? Improperly characterizing it? Perhaps I am quite a bit closer to the mark than any mislabeling of what Ilhan Omar has said.

“If you’ve never donated to a federal campaign this is the year to start. Do all you can and even a little bit more. And don’t wait for others to step up. We are a movement of leaders.

Through the years there have been others who have attacked us, who have attacked our right to make ourselves heard. Each time we have responded as citizens should. We mobilized; we made our case; we made our movement even stronger. That’s what must happen now.

Israel’s antagonists have decided to mount a political assault on us. In return, they must get a political response. That response must be large; it must be sweeping; and it must define our movement for years to come. “

Here are some appropriate and truthful statements from Howard. They need more money donated to the cause to fight for what AIPAC believes in on behalf of Israel and to counter-attack the “antagonists”. Fine, have this debate in the realm of politics and not false narratives. The truth is, Israel is not above reproach as Howard would have it. Israel’s motives are not unblemished; it’s history not pure or divine. Israel should be questioned and the motivation of US politics should be questioned and any false narratives met with the truth of the ugliness of the narrative itself as witnessed in this speech by AIPAC CEO Howard Kohr.

We should question how it is that pushing confrontation between Israel and Iran and Palestinians through the administration’s policies is beneficial to any party. We should not only question this legislation- Israel Anti-Boycott Act , we should denounce it as unconstitutional. We should also have a larger debate about the influence of money on US policy and realize that nothing shall ever be as the framers intended until we remove it’s influence altogether. All of this without the demonization of reasonable dissent of the status quo or the mislabeling, misdirection, and pure, talking-head mumbo jumbo of which our current politics and pundits are so fond.

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