Trump’s Justification for Hating on McCain by The Daily Caller

I think it is well worth investigating “The Daily Caller’s” justification for Trump’s recent ugly statements about John McCain. Not because the justification is warranted, but because deep-diving into such claims is the only way to effectively argue with the Trump cult. An argument not merely about the unsubstantiated claim, but a larger argument about how the cult is duped through their own willingness to believe anything that supports their beliefs, as well as the easily exploited trait of needing no more information than the headline or cursory examination of a story’s contents.

The claim: John McCain leaked Christopher Steele’s raw data report later known as “The Steele Dossier,” as proven in David Kramer’s testimony regarding Aleksej Gubarev’s lawsuit against Buzzfeed for their release of the dossier. A case which has been thrown out of court.

It is this characterization upon which Donny Trump presumably later on tweets out this new found info, second or third hand lies and misrepresentations as absorbed into his thick, dull noggin, to be followed up by further ill-advised hate filled statements about John McCain.

These tweets are later buttressed and given full endorsement as a correct portrayal by The Daily Caller.

“A longtime associate of late Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain provided a copy of the infamous Steele dossier to BuzzFeed News, according to an explosive court filing released Wednesday.”

The implication is that this was at the direction of John McCain. It wasn’t. Not even remotely. Let’s take this apart.

“Longtime associate,” what’s the implication? They are friends? They worked together? They aren’t friends and they never have worked together in any circumstances. David Kramer worked at the McCain Institute for International Leadership- a name designated to this human rights and civic engagement initiative from its base at Arizona State University in Wash DC. It is named in honor of the McCain family, it isn’t/wasn’t run by John McCain. Kramer is no more an employee, associate, or friend of John McCain then a librarian at the Jimmy Carter library is an employee or friend or “associate” of Jimmy Carter.

David Kramer was eventually led to Christopher Steele by Sir Andrew Wood, who similarly made the same bad inference by assuming that since Kramer worked at the McCain Institute, he must be an “associate” of John McCain. Kramer had run into McCain throughout the years at various conferences and during some testimony in Congress and this was in fact the way he would reach out to McCain again, through their slight connection at an annual conference of the Halafax forum unrelated to Kramer’s employment. This arrangement was made through McCain’s staffer Chris Brose. Brose was Kramer’s contact thereafter, not John McCain.

In Kramer’s testimony, McCain is at best a peripheral character. They did not subsequently meet to discuss the dissemination of the dossier; they had virtually no contact whatsoever aside from their eventual meeting in DC where Kramer handed off the dossier to McCain and suggested he give the dossier to the FBI, a suggestion that was probably unnecessary, but Kramer wanted to transmit what Steele had intended. That’s it. That is all. Nothing else transpired between Kramer and McCain. There is zero connection between McCain and Kramer allowing the circumstances under which Buzzfeed took photos of the dossier and later published it. There is no connection between John McCain and the subsequent media outlets with which Kramer discussed the dossier.

It’s all thin implications and innuendo that The Daily Caller wants the cult reader to buy into, if they ever were to read the actual story. Certainly, the inclusion of the actual court testimony by The Daily Caller, is there to lend credence to the implication with the understanding that no cult member will ever read the damn thing.

Related to The Daily Caller’s crappy “reporting” on this subject, is the earlier report regarding the same court proceedings in which they declare:

Christopher Steele’s Deposition Shows How Little Research He Did On Dossier Target” Which is utterly idiotic.

  1. It was raw data that needed verifying this is stated over and over again in congressional testimony and in this court proceeding. NO ONE EVER FUCKING SAID THIS INFORMATION WAS VETTED. That was the point of Kramer’s getting in contact with several news sources, he wanted someone to investigate the data.
  2. Daily Caller’s story- “Christopher Steele acknowledged in a July 2018 court deposition that he relied on a “random” article posted to a CNN website as part of his research for his infamous dossier,” is idiotic cherry picking at it’s worst. Steele said: “I believe the only step I can describe within the bounds of the order is what we could call an open source search.” In other words, the only vetting of the info he can describe in this court setting, relating to this one little fucking piece of info, is the open sourcing (web searches), nothing else will be discussed in this proceeding.

The Daily Caller, runs with this misrepresented exchange about one tiny piece of the dossier as- Therefore the whole dossier is junk.

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