The Case of Candace Owens

I have listened to Candace Owens speak before. I recently listened to her performance at CPAC and she struck me as exactly the person I had already concluded she was. Not a mind of significance except in any need to measure her influence on a sector of the populace. Her shtick lies somewhere between the complete idiocy of Jesse Lee Paterson and the argumentative, pseudo-intellect of Ben Shapiro. She is most closely related to Charlie Kirk, in style and fact.

Candace Owens is an angry person. Her divisiveness properly belongs in so called “conservative” circles. Her previous mocking of Donald Trump turned to deification as the second coming, accurately reflects the rebel in search of a cause. Owens’ settling on the Trumpesque philosophy that “all things are in fact equal,” and the belief that empirical data is useless except to create victim labels and pesky narratives contrary to the truth of her opinions, is well-suited to the current state of Conservatism. To state her opinion’s “truths” weigh exactly the same as fact, is self-evident by its mere existence, and if she states her truths with the proper level of righteous fury, her opinions tip the scale as far as she is concerned.

To cry, “racism!” is to be a racist. To receive help is to be weak. To address inequity is to reaffirm the need for inequity. Self determination is her calling card. In other words, she is perfectly suited to supporting GOP’s traditional legislative agenda for less social causes and more money for the rich. This is not a problem- it’s admirable. This is not a bug- it’s a feature.

Now, I have read the manifesto of this wretched, evil thing in New Zealand. We shall not name the beast nor transcribe its thoughts here. Suffice to say, it has listed Candace Owens as it’s prime motivation. Honestly I cannot make that connection in good faith. It is true she hates the label of race, but has not ever promoted violence so far as I know. In a roundabout way, I suppose her self-determination could easily feed into the warped mind of the beast.

I would have said I absolve Candace Owens for myself, as her particular flavor of ugliness shares very little space with what has transpired in New Zealand. I would have said that, except for these things, in order:

The set-up for the Trump-style and Tucker Carlson run playbook-

I personally never use this silliness “LOL,” and if ever there were a time to not use it, that time would be now.

I have numerous problems with all of this madness. What is wrong with her? A little self-reflection would be ideal in this case. I don’t need an apology from Candace Owens, really no one does. What would be of-the-moment to a well adjusted person is a drive to state their horror. Their fucking horror that their name was used in connection with pure evil. Sadness, clarification, concern…all of these emotions would bubble up in us…wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t we be sick to our stomachs, tearful, angry, sad?

This last tweet makes me cringe. Candace Owens is literally using this tragedy as a moment for self promotion in exactly the same fashion Tucker Carlson did, but on a more horrific scale of magnitude.

I do not absolve Candace Owens for myself, I now firmly dislike her for the ugliness she represents even if it has nothing to do with what happened in New Zealand.

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