Jexodus: the Jepocalypse Jenarrative

Jexodus! It’s like the Exodus, but this time it has Jews in it.

Jexodus, a group that has been in existence since Democrats failed to denounce a Muslim for her well-documented inferred hate of Jews, will begin it’s official rollout of whatever it is they stand for, in NY and Florida sometime in April.

Elizabeth Pipko, a former model, former Trump campaign staffer and spokesperson for Jexodus, appeared on Fox News to state the historical significance of this newly formed group, “We left Egypt, and now we’re leaving the Democratic party,” and she pointed out the evident, “They (the Democrats) are a party of anti-Semitism.” Pipko went on to state that even though the Democrats have a large representation of Jews among their numbers, the goal is to swing votes, “We know the Jews have overwhelmingly supported Democrats…under President Trump, literally anything is possible.”

It is unclear how someone not in the Democratic party is going to lead the Jexodus from the Democratic party, but one cannot discount the remarkable historical similarities to Moses, the former busty fashion model turned sycophant that went on to lead the chosen people to the promised land.

One thought on “Jexodus: the Jepocalypse Jenarrative

  1. Hello Sean. While they will sow hate and discontent I fail to see how the party lead by the man who claimed there were good people on both sides of a Nazi pride parade. Hard to think many Jewish people will join the party of hate and bigotry of the average tRump voter, feelings which tRump supports and fans the flames of. Hugs

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