The Case of Tucker Carlson

“Tucker Carlson may not be a white nationalist in real life, but he certainly plays one on TV.”

-The opening line to a GQ piece concerning one of Tucker’s many “slips” over the years.

Personally, I’m really tired of all the noise and constant attention payed to parsing the intention of every single fucking word any and every public figure lets “slip” in a moment of weakness, drunkenness, or unintentional honesty. It’s not just a reflection of a relentless PC culture, it’s also a measure of the intrusion of 24/7 social media and the bad actors, or those that act in “good faith” whom are perpetually on the lookout for that gotcha moment, wherein the subject acts in exactly the way we hoped he would, or in a way close enough that it could be cast as we desire, interpreted to that end, and packaged for mass media consumption.

Ho HO! Gotcha.

But Tucker is a special case, isn’t he. He wasn’t caught in a moment of weakness. He was outed with hours and hours of tape, saying all of the awful things he has implied for years. These tapes aren’t one-offs. They aren’t appropriately labeled as the apologetic- “locker room talk”. The tapes cannot be successfully parried as a smear campaign; although that is the misdirection that Tucker would prefer. No.

They are the real life Tucker Carlson saying all the things he has implied, or occasionally let slip on his Fox News show. They are proof that he is exactly what we have inferred. They are documentary evidence that Tucker Carlson isn’t playing a white nationalist, misogynist, xenophobe on TV, but has instead, harbored and developed his ugliness for years and those ideals are fundamentally who he is after all.

When Tucker Carlson says, “I’m just saying…,” or, “for the sake of argument…,” or, “I don’t actually believe these ideas, but…,” and then went on to say something like, “How precisely is diversity our strength?” or, “Is the FAA sacrificing your safety for diversity?” or, immigrants would make the country “poorer and dirtier,” or telling a woman to, “Stick to your thigh-high boots,” is Tucker really being high-minded, telling-it-like-it-is, and being the rational man in the room presenting logical arguments for the sake of argument? Or is he really the piece of shit we always suspected.

Has Media Matters had it out for Tucker Carlson? hell yeah they have:

“Ever since Tucker Carlson took over the reigns of the 8 p.m. slot in Fox News’ prime-time lineup with his show Tucker Carlson Tonight, he has been using the hour to mainstream white nationalism. Carlson, a beloved figure of the white nationalist community, dedicates significant time to fearmonger about immigration, defend white nationalists, complain about racism against white people, or regularly provide a platform for bigots, all the while accusing “the left” of making everything about race.”

Is that wrong? Are they serving the public interest?

Let’s look at it this way: No matter how many advertisers Tucker loses, Fox news will keep him on the air. His message is more important then simple ad revenue. he could lose all of his advertisers and it wouldn’t matter, because maintaining narratives is worth a hella lot more to Murdoch.

This cultivated battle of Liberalism vs Nationalism, and hey- why can’t white men just have it the way they want it to be? is all the perpetual distraction Murdoch needs to work the real works that are most important to him and those of his ilk. Until such a time as Tucker gets caught in an actual crime, like those scummy predecessors of his that Fox News has kept employed for their power in messaging, Tucker ain’t going nowhere.

We aren’t going to effect his employment situation. Advertisers can make their own decisions and Fox News is going to make it’s own decisions, no matter what anyone thinks. Tucker isn’t going to apologize and who wants an apology anyway? No one.

Nothing is going to change.

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