Trump’s 2019 Budget, first look

A top line from the newly released Administration’s proposed FY 2019 Budget:


Guess what. The US is carrying a lot of debt. We just now figured that out. To that end we’re going to have to go ahead and cut spending everywhere, because the current model is unsustainable.

You’re not going to believe this. Tax reform isn’t paying for itself. As a matter of fact, although it may have juiced the GDP for a couple of quarters, it’s incurring more debt. Gone are the days when Mick Mulvaney stepped in front of the mics on the White House lawn and declared, “See, what we think is going to happen is…” And that was the extent of why tax reform would work, because Mick had an idea it might. We didn’t get any expert testimony in Congress for the bill. We didn’t get any review or normal procedural order. No hearings. Nothing.

What we did receive was a massive bill thrown together in a couple weeks by staffers and lobbyists on K Street, the largest such bill in 30 years, that had zero basis to believe it would work. A bill, of which, not a single congressperson had any mastery or cursory command.

What we did know for a fact, was that this bill certainly would make the rich, much richer. That was the only certainty and Oh! how fantastically that has come to pass and carry itself into the future with the promise of dynastic wealth as far as the eye can see.


Therefore, we must needs cut everywhere, except where it would infringe of Donny’s plans to create a mercenary military, whose foreign placement is not hinged on higher ideals, political interests, or mutual interests. No. The military is for war or posturing for the eventuality. Similarly, nuclear agreements are useless. There are no higher ideals and certainly no reason for foresight.

The Trump regime will continue to push the notion that growth in GDP=a better standard of living for the common man and posit future rates of growth entirely similar to Mick standing on the lawn and saying, “what we think is going to happen is…,” in the face of reasonable projections that the economy will slow and recession could very well be underway by the end of the year. The truth is, all of these clowns won’t even be in the government when the evil they have wrought is grown to it’s full size, so what do they care? They donor/dividend class got their dough. Fuck it. Who cares.

According to this opening statement from the Administration, what matter most in a government’s budgeting? “Protecting the nation.” Hell, it might crumble on the inside under the weight of mismanagement and tax reform, but I’ll be damned if them Euros shouldn’t pay their own way and the marauding mass off drug dealing, disease ridden hombres are gonna get in and rape all of our women and bum-rush the voting booths.


All of the ideological low-lights this administration has presented before, rear their ugly heads again:

The importance of having babies.

The wall.

Vo-tech training+skills training replaces higher education.

advancing for-profit schools.

Continuing to remove all regulations possible.

Clearing the welfare rolls.

You know where this is going, right?

If the poor don’t pay for the uber-rich, what kind of awful world would this be. Education and health are vastly over-rated anyway.

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