The Wall- Tax Reform 2.0

The “wall” debate is similar to the tax reform fiasco, which in no way was a debate, because the GOP steamrolled that shit through congress, but they are similar in that they imply the identification of a problem:

low wages on bottom income scales,”

systemic immigration dysfunction,”

and ascribe a tangentially related topic as solution to the issue:

vast decrease in corporate taxation and more money for the super wealthy

border wall

I use the word “imply” because in neither case is or was the ultimate issue identified, they were merely arrived at in later debate, as in: “exactly what issue are we addressing here?” This results in follow up questions, “So, tax reform would exist to help improve wages for the lower classes?” “So, the border wall is to address the measurable results of systemic immigration dysfunction?”

In neither case does the proposed solution address the “arrived at” issue. The solution exists before the exact problem is identified. The problem is discovered to support the solution. Both of the solutions have an entirely clear source for their original necessity to exist, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the identified “problem”.

Tax reform= So that the rich could be richer. (in support of the donor/dividend class)

The wall=because Mexicans are rapist drug dealer. (in support of anti-immigrant sentiment, racism.)

In both cases, it is supremely important to drive propaganda to induce the average American to believe these actions are for their own well-being.

If the rich are richer, you will become richer.

If immigrants are kept out, you will be safer and richer as they compete for your jobs and drain away your income.

There is no supporting data for either claim. They are awkwardly supported through- “common sense”, non-related examples, voodoo economics, and improper analogies.

There are absolute certainties in the enactment of both solutions:

Tax reform will make the rich, richer. (and in no way guarantee or even remotely address the actual problem and only exacerbates wealth distribution inequality)

A border wall would possibly funnel more people to ports of entry. (where all of the actual southern border problems already exist and do nothing to address the actual overall stated problems)

Neither of these certainties address the agreed upon issue. What kind of law making is that?

But the Democrats supported the Secure Fence Act of 2006! Yes. This was a comprehensive approach to particular issues on the southern border. It included absolutely delineated areas (exact, specific, identified areas) where a multitude of different barrier types would be used in conjunction with extra manpower and modern technologies to assist border control and is mostly successful, but in no way implies by extension, that forcing even more of it is effective, reasonable, or even fucking possible.

This bill was arrived at with proper congressional order, expert witnesses, floor debate, and amendments and as well as supported by multiple studies including by the DHS to:

This act was later amended in a 2008 consolidation act. Less actual border devices were installed than was originally granted as not feasible or necessary. Which brings us to the point: If any more border constructions are necessary at this time, let’s go ahead and use regular fucking order to determine: when, where, how much is needed in conjunction with the previously combined modern technologies to implement what is deemed necessary and helpful change as opposed to creating legislation via idiotic election slogans. How about that? Let us also separate what is necessary to make real change, in this small sliver of immigration reform, from what we want because of our ill-formed beliefs.

The border wall =/= immigration reform and it is the sticking point between what the Democrats would agree to in such an off-hand, half-assed fashion, and what is actually needed to address systemic immigration dysfunction.

If DHS has any real, actual, studied, quantified needs for any type of border wall construction, let’s please see that. Okay? How about fucking submitting some real, documented needs to Congress and let regular order prevail? If DHS does not have such info, then lets commission that with appropriate impact and environmental studies in current legislation. That’s how we ought to compose legislation, right? It will take years and years, as it should as opposed to Tax Reform that came with some crumbs of, “…what we think will happen is…” and what we got was job growth rate exactly similar to what we had nationally and was a clear global trend in modern nations. What we certainly got was a massive federal debt and a stock market on steroids poised for an even bigger fall oh and, by the way, the rich seemed to have gotten richer. A lot richer.

Let’s not pretend for a second what is about to happen is, in any way, going to resemble that proper use of regular order. What we shall have is the GOP’s list of demands generated in part from idiotic campaign promises, without any studies, scientific or otherwise, and insist on a “give and take” compromise to split the difference between insanity and sanity.

Let us not pretend that this administration is not entirely anti-immigrant and employs propaganda at every possible moment to sway public opinion to that way of thinking. Let us not pretend this administration would not desire to have all immigration, legal or otherwise, to approach the more agreeable number of exactly zero as once again visible in the methodical undermining of all immigration by the inclusion of well hidden provisions in their latest kind offer on the subject.

In this regard “Immigration Reform” is “Tax Reform” 2.0- having America buy into legislation whose nefarious origins have nothing to do with the stated purpose and the outcome of which may not address the stated purpose in the least. Legislation that is founded in ideology, disconnected from a democracy, and not fully read, nor understood, nor truly defensible in detail by anyone whom enacts it.

Whereas tax reform handed the gift of more cash to a corporate system and its benefactors, that were already sitting on motherfucking record piles of cash when they enacted it, immigration reform in it’s real, current form, seeks to hand to this anti-immigration administration the “win” of their symbolic hate for the coloring of America.

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