Dystopian America

Previously I had written about this administration’s various attempts to curb all forms of immigration and the coinciding desires of the Trump administration’s core supporters (racists, the donor/dividend class, and Evangelicals) to discourage immigration due to the inevitable coloring of America and the inability of the current, predominately white population, to reproduce itself.

In this blog post I am going to outline companion legislative attempts to: curb women’s reproductive rights, retard mobility (both geographical and financial mobility), and stifle all forms of education; particularly higher education. This coupled with the above mentioned posts gives shape to the Trump GOP’s ideas about what America should look like.

I am not fond of connect-the-dot conspiracy theories, but I find it difficult to examine the totality of the Trump GOP’s legislative endeavors, and not come to the conclusion that they seek a dystopian America in which the super wealthy get wealthier and the remainder of us are: dumber, poorer, less healthy, and hopefully more white via more pregnancies. This is an ideological America where women are less welcome in the workplace and more welcome in the kitchen, where men are blue collar workers with limited ambitions, and children are conveyor belt commodities feeding the cycle of supporting the weight of an oligarchy couched in nationalistic fervor. A nation poised on the “greatness” of devolving through ever decreasing global relevance and imposed destructive ideology to a back-water fiefdom where family dynasties make one-off deals in the back rooms of gold plated restaurants on fifth avenue.

The Trump administration has long attempted to whitewash or obscure the transmission of generally accepted language of fact, reason, and liberal inclusivity, and they have been largely successful. Here is an extensive list of that which this administration is quietly “disappearing” regarding accessible information and our rights, particularly concerning women and minority rights.

The administration’s position on women’s productive health rights have been well documented since before the Trump regime slithered into office. Their attacks are constant, ongoing, and are formed of the ideology of Trump’s Evangelical base and a general hate/fear of women. Women must be the resposible party and must carry children to term.

Many states are lining up, waiting for the day Roe v Wade is overturned, if that day ever comes. In Alabama, a new “personhood” law was passed as an amendment to their constitution, that may very well make abortion a criminal offense. If this trigger law is ever put in place by a Roe v Wade overturn, you must, by law, have children if pregnant.

The Trump administration, revoked workplace protections for women and the move was passed by GOP congress. They reversed protection guidelines on campus sexual assault. Disbanded the White House Council for Women and Girls. Halted the installation of an Obama Era effort, the Equal Pay Rule, to track workplace pay disparity.

There should not be any confusion regarding Trump’s personal views of women. There has not been one single reported sexual assault or abuse of a woman where Donny did not stand up for the alleged perpetrator whether he actually knew anything about the abuse or not. Women deserve a good pussy grab. That wasn’t locker room talk, that’s a universal truth for Donny. We could write a novel of Donny’s lifetime achievements of objectifying women. I would not pretend that Trump is ideologically aligned with the coalition of miscreants in his base (he is incapable of understanding or adopting in practice any ideology), he simply doesn’t give a fuck as long as he is properly worshiped.

Now, understanding this administration’s sometimes direct and sometimes subtle attempts at enactments to reform the American workplace and culture around their desire for a supportive serfdom capable of sustaining white reproduction, is a little more connect-the-dots and theoretical, but nonetheless, well worth observing for what has been attempted and what is already in place.

The clearest, all-encompassing example of what this administration yearns for, is found in their proposed restructuring of the federal government:
Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century: Reform Plan and Reorganization Recommendations.” An idiotic, ill-conceived mess which would have a profound and inestimable effect on our government and every day life, were it to be undertaken. It didn’t receive much coverage, but I did write about it here. I think it’s worth a read. What I would like to extract from my review for this post, is this:

Merge the Dept of Labor with the Dept of Education.


At first blush, this seems entirely insane, and guess what?  It is.  The main concept here is a conveyor belt from k-12 to immediate placement in the workforce, as if that is the singular and only important action of education.  Here, education is viewed as the vehicle by which the “product” is most effectively delivered to it’s end goal: immediate employment and that product is tracked along the way.  Special attention to be paid to “career and technical training”.

Here are some buried tidbits the Trump administration would like to go about quashing involvement with higher education through “efficiencies” in this document:


Consolidation, elimination.  Less complex programs first.

Tax reform: Whereas the purchase of a private jet is now fully deductible, itemizing your state and local taxes, the primary vehicle by which you pay for your public schools, is now greatly limited, which will create downward pressure on your local school’s budgeting. With tax reform, the creation of dynastic family wealth is now in the hands of the crazy rich, but if you want to move because you found a job which might afford you a living wage, the act of moving itself is no longer deductible, so maybe you should stay put. Pass-through businesses, like Donny’s real estate LLC’s, have lower top rates and greater deductions which means the most that any of the crazy rich will pay in these categories is 29.6% total, which is a hella lot less than the 37% people making 500k (600k joint filing) or more have to pay.

The selling point to the average joe in tax reform is how easy it is. You won’t take itemized deductions because now, after you do the math, you realize itemizing is going to lose you money. You won’t be making any itemized deductions for gifts or donations to non profit schools…so you won’t be making any gifts or donations to non profit schools. An estimated 40 million individuals will no longer be taking itemized deductions. Charitable giving is a large part of nonprofit education and these schools are forecasting some serious budget shortfalls.

What simpler tax code endorses, is that in many cases it’s good to have kids, at least until they are 17 when the credit disappears. Maybe you should consider for your kids, 2 year vocational/technical training like they’d receive at a shitty for-profit schools as outlined in this administrations idea about what exactly “higher education” should be. With tuition rates that rise every year, the squeeze “tax reform” will place on nonprofits schools, and with perhaps mom not being entirely welcome in the workforce, maybe, financially, that’s a good idea? Trump likes that idea. So does Education Secretary DeVos.

It is very much worth noting that tax reform also opened 529 College Savings Plans to be used at any point from k-higher learning. So, you know, if your local public schools start to tank, due to budget cuts and lack of public funding via donations, you could always send your kids to a for-profit, private school. I can’t help but to see the nefarious side to what seems a reasonable boon. What if all of those funds have been spent on private, for profit schools, that DeVos greatly favors, before your child reaches 17?

From- https://www.forbes.com/sites/amesbrown/2018/04/03/salt-deduction-colleges/#4623d9933f78

“College tuition continues to soar to record highs, having grown 5% annually for the past ten years. Today a degree from a four-year public college costs approximately $65,000, and $150,000 at a private one, according to the Department of Education.

Just 21% of Americans believe that college is affordable, according to Gallup. That’s a serious threat to Americans’ economic welfare considering that 65% of all jobs in the U.S. economy can be expected to require some college or a degree by 2020, according to the Georgetown Public Policy Institute.

A college education is already a major economic differentiator: the median income of Americans who haven’t gone to college is $36,000, while that of those with a degree is approximately $60,000: 67% higher, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Population Survey.”

Coupled with this administration desire for less education and less quality education, is a counter-intuitive wish to keep us less safe and less healthy. This administration constantly attempts to undermine and destabilize the ACA with no apparent replacement is well documented. They also work to make our environment less safe and our well-being worth risking for immediate corporate profits. Perhaps they wish the serfs to be continually concerned for their children’s daily existence as opposed to over-arching concerns about governance. Perhaps, they full realize their ideological America cannot practically exist in the form they imagine, until such a time as an actual oligarchy is installed with a Trump-like candidate as it’s idiot figurehead.

It is for that reason that I would suggest it is better to have in office what may become a congressionally clipped-wing Trump for two years rather than allow a scary theocrat like Pence to ascend to the throne.

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