What Trump’s Backers Need From You: Have More White Babies

Let’s go ahead and separate out of the equation the disaffected that voted for Trump with their hands thrown up in there air. They wanted to “Try something different,” and “Trump promised we would get…,” and they believed it.

Let’s keep an eye on the easily manipulated and troubling members of the Trump cult that voted for Trump merely because they enjoy “liberal tears” and clearly believe that they are winning so long as others are losing, even if they are losing too. They love seeing asylum seekers terrorized. Love it. These are the frightened sheep lead along by propagandists so easily into racism, sexism, fascism and all the isms we find abhorrent.

We remove the truly politically conservative from any group because they currently exist in no relevant or effectively represented form. That leaves us with three distinct ideological branches of Trump supporters; the ones that control the direction and propaganda of what is now the Trump GOP.

Racists/nationalists, the donor/dividend class, and Evangelicals. They work behind the scenes and in front of the spotlight. They are the propagandists, the financiers, the puller-of-strings, twister-of-arms, and headline news grabbing, creepy ideologues that cause rational people fits of concern.

Sometimes these groups overlap and it is possible for any one person to be a member of all three groups. Sometimes they have nothing to do with each other at all but are merely happy bedfellows. In one area, there is an overlapping vital interest: US population shift- the coloring of America.

What they need from you is simple: have more white babies. Lots and lots of white babies. Is that so hard?

What they don’t need is any migration to the US from a non-white ethnicity, particularly the massive shift at the southern border from migrating single men seeking seasonal employment, to young women/couples with children seeking eventual citizenship via asylum. Nope. No. That’s the antithesis of what they desire. So, you see the “border crisis”, as far as they are concerned, is a real-life, motherfucking crisis of epic proportions.

We know the majority of illegal aliens are actually visa-overstay of which the largest group is Canadians, but until such a time as the GOP donors have their lawyers figure out a way to cordon off the Canadians from everyone else in that group, visa-overstays will never be addressed. Because…you know, that’s white folk right there.

The US has a population problem, even though it continues to grow. Were it not for immigration, we will soon be unable to replace ourselves. At current trends, immigration will be the prime driver of population growth somewhere between 2027 and 2038. That’s in less than ten years. Native born US citizens are approaching a median age of 38 yrs, which is pushing the edge of the ability to replace ourselves.

Here’s a mind-blowing quote from the Pew Charitable Trust’s study on US population shift: “Immigrants are already disproportionately represented in the labor force with a share of about 16%, while they make up about 13% of the overall population. The Pew Research Center has determined that if current immigration trends and birthrates continue, by 2050 virtually all (93%) of the nation’s working age population growth will come from immigrants and their US born children.”

Keep this in mind-migrants have tended to settle in coastal, liberal regions and Texas up until around 25 years ago when they began spreading through all regions of the US. Everywhere. And, well, we need them everywhere considering the above mentioned trends, right? So whats the problem?

The problem for our triad of Trump backers is, where the greatest difficulty for the native born population to reproduce itself is geographically located:

Here is the density of where migrants are settling. See how it is spread out and the center of the nation isn’t quite as scary as it may once have been?

Some bullet points you should read from PCT:

Let’s look at a couple other maps.

Consistency of voting in the last 4 presidential elections which give a firm idea as to ongoing party affiliation.

You see what I’m getting at, right? If immigration tends liberal, and knocks only 3 states out of the middle of the map somewhere between 2027-2050, there goes the electoral college imbalance and the wildly disproportionate amount of power the low-pop states wield for the GOP. No amount of current gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement, or election rigging is going to save the GOP. None.

If that goes, there goes the GOP backed legislation that makes the donor/dividend class insanely rich and you can bet addressing inequity of wealth distribution is going to be heralded by the Democrats and also a unifying national interest. The donor/dividend class will not be able to erect a new version of the Trump GOP, which they have enjoyed and profited from immensely, because there will not be popular, national support for their candidates right down to the state level.

Racists/nationalists, being what they are, require no further explanation.

How about Evangelicals? Let’s start by saying that all organized religions in the US are bleeding members. Since 1990, Americans that identify with organized religion has almost tripled from 8% to 22%, so there’s that. Congratulations to those that gave up their Space-Santa!

Evangelicals are 76% white and 84% 3rd generation or higher, native born. They vote overwhelming conservative. Although the “conservative” moniker doesn’t matter as much as single-issue voting for Evangelicals. They are greatly concerned with controlling women and their bodies. While voting Trump seems to have paid off handsomely with their viewpoints on abortion taking center stage and Court appointees that would potentially vote to represent their beliefs, more importantly, voting Trump places Evangelicals above “liberal ideals” in what they perceive as a threatening culture war. They despised Obama. Hated.

The culture war is for them, a fight for their “traditional” beliefs in the face of the seemingly all-inclusive, anything goes, liberal viewpoint of society. To that end, Evangelicals sold their make-believe souls to Trumpism. All of Trump’s inadequacies are forgiven and receive a bottomless, jesus-style mulligan, as religion’s gods are created in the form of man.

So long as the fertile women can replace the flock, anti-immigration is totally fine. Native born, non-white ethnicities are already a nonstarter for rebuilding the congregation, as they tend liberal and would not support Evangelical block voting. Immigrants represent a threat to Evangelicals as well because they also tend to lean liberal in voting, and have their own, very strong, religious denominations that would be difficult to absorb. They also happen to be settling in some of the Evangelicals states of highest density and the states where the native born cannot replace themselves.

Evangelicals by state density-

I wouldn’t propose that all Evangelicals are overt racists, but I would argue their full-throated support and subservience to the Trump administration’s evil and exclusionary policies makes all of them tacit supporters of each word of each policy. Their desire to control women and reshape our nation’s “culture” via legislation and the judiciary is anathema to honest “christian” values and their cement-headed decisions will only hasten their rate of contraction. Truly and utterly stupid.

It is for all of these reasons that Trump feeds his followers and backers with the enactments and Presidential decrees they most desire: hate for people of color represented in immigration. This is why the Trump administration has sought to thoroughly destroy immigration to the US as outlined in my recent list of the administration’s ongoing attacks on immigration.

There is also an equally disturbing trend in legislation passed and recommended by Trump’s GOP that clearly is attempting to push the populace to: more pregnancies, less education, and less mobility. Will write about soon.

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