Trump Admin: We Hate Immigrants (unless they are white)

Every Trump twitterstorm and every new, ill-informed policy initiative from the Trump administration, appears to be a smokescreen to distract from whatever fucked-up thing this administration did on the preceding day. Everything is a shiny bauble created to keep us focused on the devious, magical hands of the carnival barker Trump. Everything.

This includes the sudden, overwhelming need for a border wall, whose construction is needed right now to halt the advancing horde of drug-dealing rapists at the border. If we stay focused on this, perhaps the Democrat controlled House will not be able to advance any meaningful legislation and everyone’s gonna go ahead and forget all about the Mueller investigation. Right? Right.

Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking this administration’s apparent hate of non-whites is a smokescreen. That shit is for real. It’s really happening.

If Donny had his way, every emigre to the US would be a Norwegian scientist (or a Swedish bikini model with an Einstein visa). Sadly, immigration from Europe has been on the decline since the fall of the Russian curtain. But Donny would be happy to know that at one time (1870-1910), Norway sent an astounding 1/4 of it’s working-age population to the US. Donny might not be happy to know they were among Norway’s poorest, least educated and didn’t speak a lick of English.

Currently, Norweigians are most likely to reply to Trump’s extended hand with a solid- thanks, but no thanks.

Donny and his crew would have us believe that they love all immigrants, so long as their immigration is obtained through proper procedure. All are welcome! It is also a desire of the Trump administration to offer further immigration possibilities via a “merit-based” program.

In truth, the Trump administration has done everything possible to obstruct non-whites from obtaining any form of access to the United States. The Muslim ban. Attempts to unravel family migration by limiting to the less family oriented (European) and excluding extended families (more likely African). The desire to end lottery visas, which are by definition diversity visas. The nonsense on the southern border. Even punishing well-educated Indians by making spouses of the super brainy H1-B visas unable to work themselves (despite their high education!) And the idea of merit-based visas are clearly Anglocentric visas by this administration’s guidelines.

Who are the largest portion of illegal immigrants in the US? Visa overstays. Who is the largest population of visa overstay? Canadians. Don’t see any sudden need from the Trump administration to fix that.

The administration’s desire is to forestall the coloring of America. To that end, they must draw down immigration of all forms as quickly and effectively as possible as the vast majority of people seeking entry into the US are non white.

For your reading pleasure, here is every activity I could recall that the Trump administration has enacted or proposed, to keep America white concerning immigration/visa issues. Some of these enactments are not specifically issues of color, but they all are intended to strike fear into the hearts of anyone seeking entry into the US. >

Ongoing. Rapidly chiseling down the amount of people allowed into the country via refugee status, to the smallest numbers possible. Currently, there is no refugee crisis in Europe.

  • Fiscal Year 2017 (Obama mandated numbers): 110,000 allotted, 53,701 accepted by Trump admin.
  • Fiscal Year 2018 (Trump numbers): 45,000 allotted, 22,491 accepted.
  • Fiscal Year 2019 guideline: 30,000 allotted. Now how many do you think are going to be accepted? Ya wanna guess around 20-15k? Me too. What do you think the 2020’s guideline is going to be?
  • The 2019 guideline is broken down by these regions: Africa 11,000; East Asia, 4000; Europe and Central Asia, 3000; Latin America and Caribbean 3,000; Near East and South Asia, 9,000.

This is supported by the Trump administration’s perpetual monkey-wrenching of the process of application for asylum via executive order, which, regardless of any future re-instatements, so disrupts the system that some parts are irrevocably broken. Outlined in my post on Trump’s executive orders.

Ongoing. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) denied 37% more of all forms of immigration (travel documents, work permits, green cards, worker petitions, etc.) in 2018 to the previous year.

Enacted. The Muslim Travel Ban and all of it’s various incarnations.

Proposed by the Trump Administration: The “Public Charge” disqualifier- deny any path to citizenship for anyone whom has received benefits from any government assistance program including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or food stamps); Medicaid, Section 8 (housing); Medicare Part D; Women, Infants, and Children (WIC); and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This radical shift in policy could affect some 18 million non-citizens and 9 million children who are U.S. citizens.

Currently in court. H-4 visas disallow spouses of H1-B high tech visas from working. Overwhelmingly Indian women- majority professional degrees. No economic justification for this move. These types of arbitrary decisions are entirely created to punish immigrant families and could force high tech companies to move some operations overseas. Approximately 100,000 affected.

Enacted. Removal of Visas for same sex spouses of UN Diplomatic workers. On the grounds they are not legally married, when they cannot, in fact, get married in their country of origin because same sex marriages are not recognized. 105 families.

Enacted. Ending Temporary Protection Status granted primarily to 6 nations. These aren’t recognized refugees, they are people determined to be in danger if returned to their nation of origin. If you’ve ever worked in the restaurant industry, you are fully aware of who these people are as you’ve seen their work permits and had a goddamn heart attack once or twice a year waiting to see if their TPS is renewed. Hardest working people I know. 740,000 people estimated affected. Deportations underway. Current numbers-

Ongoing. Complete disruption of the asylum process from the Southern border. Whereas this administration states that they are full supporters of people legally entering the country, their actions with the asylum application process shows exactly the opposite desire in no uncertain terms. Bullet points on their efforts to dismantle the process for seeking asylum are so vast, that I need to make another page just to list them all.

This includes the administration’s efforts to forcibly backlog and clusterfuck legal ports of entry and attempt to declare any otherwise illegal entry as an immediate revocation of the ability to ever apply for asylum, thereby banning asylum claims entirely. Don’t fucking tell me that was not part and parcel of a manufactured crisis.

Proposed. Deportation of any Vietnamese non-citizen convicted of committing any crime. This of course was already a possibility but now it is to include those that came before 1995. Those Vietnamese were here before normalized relationships between US-Vietnam and would include those whom would be viewed as enemies of the state of Vietnam and treated as such despite a previous accord between the US and Vietnam that no such deportation would occur.

Ongoing. The administration’s threats or failed enactments whose goals are to instill fear, disrupt or break the processes of obtaining visas or various paths to citizenship, and terrorize individuals and communities:

  1. Threat to alter the 14th amendment regarding birthright citizenship.
  2. Allowing Military Accessions Vital to National Interest (MAVNI) fast track to citizenship to lapse creating uncertainty. 500 enlisted military removed form the US.
  3. Creation of a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) task force to reexamine all previous greencard applications in search of any discrepancies with the intent of pursuing denaturalization for certain cases and stripping naturalized citizens of their status.
  4. Repeated threats to end family-based migration (referred to as chain migration.)
  5. repeated threats to end the visa lottery.
  6. Executive Orders monkey-wrenching all processes and procedures regardless of which or how people are re-instated or when order is restored.
  7. Fear and uncertainty in DACA status.
  8. Child separation at the border for the sole purpose of absolutely terrifying would be asylum seekers.
  9. Backing up, metering, and just generally clusterfucking legal ports of entry with the sole purpose of manufacturing a crisis with the hope that violence breaks out. I wrote about this here-
  10. Attempts to rig the 2020 census to both instill fear in all immigrants, legal or otherwise, and create ways in which to under-fund and under-represent states with more progressive immigration policies.
  11. Multiple enactments by the DOJ to speed-up, set quotas for, limit continuances, and rapidly discharge immigration court judge’s dockets for hearing all applications at the expense of due process.
  12. Use of ICE as stormtroopers to terrorize the immigrant populace (legal or otherwise) and their friends, communities, and those that house or employ them.
  13. Stripping Hispanic Americans of their US passports that were born near the US-Mexico border-
  14. Donny Trump’s continual demonization of immigrants as drug-dealing, rapist, gang members from his position as “president”.

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