Asylum Executive Order, a Prelude to Violence

Perhaps you heard, during the initial “caravan” of marauders approaching the US border with evil intent, an unknown amount of the travelers were stopped at the points of entry and told there simply wasn’t any more space.  I mean, border patrol dudes literally standing at the apex of a bridge between Mexico and the US, and saying, “Nah man.  We’re all filled up.  You can’t apply for asylum at this point of entry today.”

Initially the DHS denied any such “metering,” or slowing down and regulating the flow of people to the border existed.  After strenuous argument by immigration attorneys and journalists, DHS and border Patrol admitted they were doing it.  Do you think Kirstjen Neilson, or any border patrol agent in the field, wouldn’t be able to tell you what would happen next?  Of course people tried to enter illegally after they were pushed away from what they were supposed to be doing all along.  And at the time, that was exactly what the Trump administration wanted.  They wanted to make these people potentially guilty of a chargeable offense.  Honestly, that was in many circumstances totally okie-dokie with asylum seekers, because that offense did not preclude one from applying for asylum…

Until Donny wrote his proclamation that illegally entering the US made it impossible to apply for asylum.

So, when I read  this passage in Donny’s new executive order, I scratch my head and wonder why now all of a sudden, the DHS and Border Patrol is going to take the exact opposite approach, when surely they would love to be able to charge everyone with illegally entering the US:

I am tailoring the suspension to channel these aliens to ports of entry, so that, if they enter the United States, they do so in an orderly and controlled manner instead of unlawfully. Under this suspension, aliens entering through the southern border, even those without proper documentation, may, consistent with this proclamation, avail themselves of our asylum system, provided that they properly present themselves for inspection at a port of entry. In anticipation of a large group of aliens arriving in the coming weeks…”

“In anticipation of”…so that’s the new super scary caravan Donny is talking about.  “Channel these aliens…”  Do you think there’s friendly Mexican forest gnomes scattered hither and yon throughout Mexico, dancing around in conical caps, and joyfully pointing weary travelers in the correct direction with a merry twinkle in their eye?

Fuck no.

What there will be is Border Patrol agents on the US side, no longer taking people into custody and hearing out their asylum claims, they’ll be pushing people back into the water and saying, “Nah man, you gotta go around.  Go down the river about 100 miles and apply at a point of entry.”

What this administration would like is the largest amount of asylum seekers possible, backed up on a bridge being harassed from both the Mexican and US border patrols. Penned in like criminals and exposed to the elements.  Neither here nor there, just stuck in limbo waiting.


Like these people on the bridge at Paso Del Norte.  They’re just stuck in front of an invisible line five feet away, where they cannot apply for asylum, because, “We’re all filled up.”  Now put several thousand people in this position on key points of entry.  Each day, the Mexican side can come up and kick these people off the bridge for loitering, and they do.  Now get back in the imaginary line.

What do you think is going to happen under these circumstances?  Do you think these people aren’t going to realize that they are being fucked with?

Multiply these pictures by 1000.   What do you think is going to happen?



As  I said in my original post without completely explaining how I came to this conclusion- the important part of Donny’s Executive Order isn’t that it could withstand legal challenge (because it won’t), it only needs to stand long enough for someone to get shot.  The important part is to prove these are all violent criminals.

By forcibly amassing large groups of asylum seekers and thousands of law enforcement on both sides of the border, into a weeks long standoff in very tight quarters, this is a carefully orchestrated crisis in the making.

Update 11/22.  The Order has already been halted by a federal judge, however, the stage is being set nonetheless.

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