Fox News Gives Twitter the Silent Treatment

Fox News hasn’t posted to twitter for around a day and a half.  Many of the sub accounts, like business, Fox and Friends, and individuals do continue to post to twitter.  Supposedly, this is some type of silent protest from the parent account, to Twitter’s handling of some pretty nasty tweets concerning Tucker Carlson after his house had a late night visit by some folks with a bullhorn.  Several tweets included Carlson’s home address and Fox alerted twitter of this, but apparently those tweets have not been removed.

I have no idea if all of this story is correct because it hasn’t been verified by Fox News itself, but…

Look.  I don’t think this kind of stuff is a “matter of opinion,” no more than dealing with the insanity of the Trump administration is an “interesting political debate.”  I support giving public figures a hard time in public spaces, sans anything physical.  That’s as far as I’d go.  A large group of people showing up at someones home with a bullhorn at night when there’s likely kids inside, yelling “We know where you live,” nah man.  That ain’t okay.

Some people are pointing out Christine Ford is basically on the run and can’t report to work because of all the crazies chasing her and threatening her life.  Therefore, Carlson has it coming too because he demonized her.  No.  That’s not how it works.  We don’t stand for either situation.  We don’t allow either.  It’s not a matter of degrees where one isn’t nearly as bad as the other.  They are both bad.  We reject this.

I fucking hate Tucker Carlson.  Real, honest-to-goodness hate.  I hate that he profits off of the hate that he spews, but we cannot allow this to be the norm.  There’s no end to allowing this.  To do so makes no more sense than the “Good guy with a gun/bad guy with a gun” argument.  They’re all shooting guns with the intent to kill someone.  It’s all bad.

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