Sarah Sanders, Cunt Extraordinaire

Following a long standing tradition of outlining what a cunt Sarah Sanders is, here is her latest serving of cuntiness for our disapproval.

No matter whether you believe Jim Acosta was overly rude or merely “doing his job,” Sarah Sanders, the Minister of Propaganda, has proven again what an abysmal, disgusting, lying cunt she is.

The Trump administration’s response to Jim Acosta refusing to let Trump sidestep legitimate questions is to remove his press credentials.  The justification for this action is that Jim Acosta “placed his hands” on a White House intern.

As proof of this action, the cunt has offered footage of Acosta’s assault on this poor young woman.  (honestly I feel really bad for this girl, what an awful position to be in.)

The source of this video proof, is NOT from the original CSPAN video.  No.  This video clip comes from Infowars.  Why on earth would the White House need to use an Infowars clip as proof of this egregious action?

The video is edited.

How else is the Minister of Propaganda supposed to prove the legitimacy of an illegitimate action?



This is not the first time the White House has edited facts to suit their purposes.  That is the definition of propaganda my friends.

Sarah Sanders, you are a cunt.  You are paid by us, not by Dear Leader.  There is nothing noble about your perpetual lies, obfuscation, and faux Christianity.  You serve no higher calling.  You serve evil intent and are thus labeled cunt, cunt, and cunt.



5 thoughts on “Sarah Sanders, Cunt Extraordinaire

  1. HUH. Funny how the word “cunt” is associated with “cunny” & “cunning”. It’s a word that describes a place of power. You really should find a better insult. While I am not surprised you fall back on “cunt” to describe her, it’s lame to say the least. I agree that Sarah Sanders is vile why you feel sorry for a intern working for this WH is beyond me. She could be interning for ANYONE other than the biggest asshole in the country.

    If you have never heard of the word “cunny”, you should read “Lady Chatterly’s Lover”. It’s pillow-talk.


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