Switching Blogs

I think that in part, Donald Trump has succeeded in wearing us all down.  When I get the chance to write now, I am so overwhelmed by all of the data regarding Trump’s evil-doing, that I find it hard to concentrate in any one area.  I feel like I can’t do any particular topic justice.

I’m pretty much research driven when I write about what is and what isn’t.  I prefer facts to anything.  I prefer facts to opinion.  Unless….unless I am creatively writing, and then I don’t give a damn about facts, convention, or even a pretense of civility, unless any of those means serve to justify my end.

I am still going to write about Trump, I just no longer feel the need to be entirely tethered to the topic.  I appreciate the attention I received from Crooksandliars and really have no idea how I came to be occasionally referenced in their blog.

Some folks enjoyed my writing here and I appreciate that.  I may spark this badboy up again full-time when we get towards the end of this cycle of madness.  Dunno.

I feel like a have much more to say, but I’m sure I’ll receive a more limited audience with my creative side…and that’s fine.  I’ve always been writing for myself.

Honestly, If I wanted hits, I could just write the SarahSandersIsaCuntBlog and it would do smashingly well.  The topic is very popular.

Maybe I will.  : )

Join me at ninetyfivepercenttrue

I’ll probably scribble down some words every day.  I might repost from ninety-five percent to this blog.


One thought on “Switching Blogs

  1. With Roseanne Barr being cut off her show from ABC for her racist rants on Twitter, i have yet to see trump be punished as well, much less comment on the Roseanne fiasco. I f he doesn’t, then he’s smart enough to shut up and is acting as a true politician and not as an outsider.

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