Moron-in-Chief sets groundwork for hostilities

Shortly after Trump announces the utterly idiotic unilateral decision to remove the US from the Iran Nuclear Deal, news outlets are reporting that US military officials are concerned that Iran is considering some sort of military strike on Israel, possibly in the Golan Heights.

Now I’d parse that information out bit by bit.   Considering it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that Netanyahu is hoping Iran decides the agreement is now null and void, so that Israel can go ahead and start bombing Iranian sites.  Considering Israel already has their forces at the ready, well before fucking idiot Trump announced his decision.  Considering, Iran didn’t suddenly, after Trump made his statement, decide to start planning to attack Israel; their plans have been ongoing and long-term.

In other words, this is a set-up to make space for Israel to act in advance of anything overt Iran might do.

I have no doubt that Netanyahu will make an announcement soon, that “due to credible sources,” a preemptive attack by Israel is now necessary.

Everything is falling into place as outlined in my earlier post.  There’s no endgame in mind…aside from creating the condition for all-out war.  I can’t imagine that Russia wants any part of that, but they sure are happy to see the price of oil steadily rising.  This is great for Russia.  If the US somehow manages to find a way into these forthcoming hostilities…I don’t know what to say.  We have a moronic madman running our country.


UPDATE:  Here we go…

It’s already started.  This move is particularly problematic, because we have fucking troops there.  The chances of this spinning out of control just increased dramatically.

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