May 7, 2018

First Lady and gold-digger-in-chief announces her ambitious “Be Best” <sic> campaign from the White House lawn.  This is a more comprehensive approach than her wildly successful anti-cyber bullying program, and supposedly encompasses: overall well-being, social media, and opioid abuse.

Exactly what she is going to do, I have no idea.  What did she do to stop cyber-bullying?  I dunno.  Trump is still on twitter, so there’s that.

Meanwhile, her husband, the guy with the title “president”, had simultaneously sent a proposed plan of rescission to Congress to address the wildly popular budget that recently passed through Congress, in an attempt to address the massive deficit it creates.

The plan calls for removing 15 billion dollars that were already approved in the budget and supported by the omnibus spending package.

“Almost half of the proposed cuts would come from two accounts within the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that White House officials said expired last year or are not expected to be drawn upon. An additional $800 million in cuts would come from money created by the Affordable Care Act in 2010 to test innovative payment and service delivery models.”

“Democrats have said they are watching the process with skepticism. Many Democrats have called for expanding programs such as CHIP, not cutting them, and they are often fiercely protective of anything related to the Affordable Care Act.

“Let’s be honest about what this is: President Trump and Republicans in Congress are looking to tear apart the bipartisan [CHIP], hurting middle-class families and low-income children, to appease the most conservative special interests and feel better about blowing up the deficit to give the wealthiest few and biggest corporations huge tax breaks,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Monday.”

Rub your eyes and read that again.  Yeah, that’s right.  I can’t think of any better way to help our Children “Be Best,” then to continue to strip away anything comes close to resembling universal health coverage.

Be Best!  Unless it impedes the ability of the super rich, to get some more righteous piles of cash.

3 thoughts on “May 7, 2018

  1. Be Best….So many things wrong. Why not Be THE best, why does the logo look so cheap? Why do I get the feeling that Melania will parade this for a week and go back to drinking expensive wine and doing nothing when some other shit storm happens? Ugh.

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