Sarah Sanders…continues to be a cunt

Late-breaking, EXPLOSIVE news.  Sarah Sanders…continues to be a cunt.

It was noted earlier this year that Sarah sanders was in fact, a cunt.  Some time later, I reported that she still was a cunt.  Now, in this latest development, it is clear that Sarah sanders continues to be a cunt, despite all hopes to the contrary.

Sarah Sanders, as White House Press Secretary, continues to use her position as a Minister of Propaganda and not as a conduit of outreach and explanation for the Administration’s reasoning for it’s bat-shit-crazy, manic-depressive, knee-jerk-reaction policies and statements.  She continues to berate and harass the collective news agencies for having the audacity to question the administration on anything, for not working as state run media apologists, and generally for even showing up in the first place.

Here the Minister of propaganda gleefully goes off on a absolute tirade against James Comey, and man…she’s reading off of notes.  She had this shit cocked and loaded.  Whether anyone likes Comey or not, this is prepared propaganda my friends.

This administration has no interest in serving the Country.  None whatsoever.  They are interested in self preservation only.  That is all.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you are a cunt.

UPDATE: Sarah Sanders inexplicable slightly less cunty.

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