April 13, 2018

Resignation.  Not Trump’s.  Our resignation to an unstoppable constitutional crisis.

Trump pardons Scooter Libby for his part in the Bush Administration’s smear campaign against anyone who dare stand between them and their holy war against Iraq.  The Trump administration paints the special counsel who had charged Libby as being “out of control.”  Never mind an “out of control” special counsel would have fought to get the true source of the smear campaign, Dick Cheney, as the architect of the outing of Valerie Plame; this sudden need to pardon Libby is a message to both the FBI and potential witnesses against Trump, that he’s going to “fix” everything.

This administration is in as disgusting a situation as the Bush Administration was and fighting with equal passion to preserve their perverse desires with the pretense they are serving the nation’s interests.  Neither administration was, and both suffer from the obvious truth of their motivations.  In the current case, we have at least the potential to right the wrongs before they happen, instead of wringing our hands after the fact.

The idiot battlefield is set as nearly all parties involved prefer to head to a constitutional crisis as the ideal way to string along a battle between the administration’s self interests and the Country’s needs.  Mitch McConnell has not signaled he is interested as of yet, in protecting the Mueller investigation, and even if the bipartisan bill to protect Mueller gets to the floor of the Senate, it would never pass the gauntlet of the cult members in the House.  Mueller himself is constrained by what he may or may not do and what little time he has left in which to do it.  The FBI will have it’s own legal battles with the administration’s efforts to suppress information gathered in the warrants served on Michael Cohen.

There’s nothing much left, but to wait for the first domino now.  It’s all ridiculous and we saw this day coming from a long time ago.  It speaks to the ideological weakness of the GOP that they are so easily manipulated by their selfish interests for power; it does so now as it did in Bush’s tenure.  Were it not for the Supreme Court weighing in with their idiot ruling on the Florida recounts of Bush v Gore, we’d be living in a different world right now.  Were it not (probably) for idiot Comey deciding it was his duty to throw a monkey wrench in the Clinton v Trump election, again…we’d be living in a different world.

I’m not going to pretend a Clinton presidency wouldn’t be one Congressional investigation after another (because it would have been), but at least we’d have a fully functioning and non-batshit crazy administration and all arms of government working as they should.  The economy would have been in exactly the same place and the world wouldn’t be sick of us.  Tax reform could have still passed in Clinton’s second year, but sans the free corporate handjob.  The ACA would have been fixed.  The DACA situation wouldn’t exist.  TPP probably would have been revisited, but it would have been with a plan.  Oh hell we could go on forever about what would be.

This is where we are.  Everyone is just waiting for the first domino.  We all want utter destruction now.  Just go ahead and fucking do it.  Let’s take our fucking cues and get out on the idiot stage.  Everyone that should have power to do anything is feigning powerlessness.  So let’s go.

The midterms can’t come fast enough.  Let’s just hope the Twitterer-in-Chief doesn’t kill us all before then.

3 thoughts on “April 13, 2018

  1. His pardoning Scooter L. accdg to some political pundits is a silent signal by DT to Manafort,Flynn and Kuschner to clam up before Mueller and not to worry coz DT has their backs and would probably pardon them in the long run.

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  2. Reblogged this on aunt polly's rants and commented:
    I have to say I really do agree with the content of this blog & moreover, the TONE of this particular post.

    Since the election in November 2016, I have been seriously depressed. It’s almost like going through the five stages of grieving when somebody dies. I’ve gone through all those stages. This is a little different. Resignation and acceptance are not quite the same thing. Or maybe resignation is the reversed form of acceptance (in Tarot card terms).

    Whatever it is, we are in very dangerous times. I can’t even rant about this. I can only pray.

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    1. I totally hear you about feeling depressed. I’ve been there since election day too. There’s just no way to pretty this shitfest up. Can’t get out of it. It’s a goddamn nightmare. Midterms are coming. We can’t make our fellow citizens not be wrong-in-the-head, but we can start fixing our government. Dem lead House will go a LONG way to making us feel like this shit isn’t going to totally tilt into anarchy. We just have to tough it out.


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