April 6, 2018

The greatest source of Sarah Sanders’ frustration with the media, is their inability to fabricate plausible explanations for the idiot things Trump does and says.  She simply cannot understand what the big fucking problem is.  Why do White House reporters keep asking the same types of questions, day in and day out, when there is CLEARLY a crystal clear explanation that could have been worked out before the press conference?  Why?

Clearly what the President meant by that was….

Clearly he was referring to…

Clearly he was joking, get a sense of humor.

I’ve made this crystal clear.  The President has made this crystal clear.  Clearly.

I.  Couldn’t. Be. Any. More. Clear… that everyone is supposed to be an independent apologist.  Stop with the fucking questions!  Why do I have to create a lie for you when you could have done that on your own?  What is wrong with you people?

We’ve recently witnessed Trump’s knee-jerk reaction to a Fox News story, which resulted in Trump wanting to send the military to the Southern border- something that cannot be done.  This ultimately has lead to his administration performing gymnastic contortions to evolve his dumbass statements into a, somehow purportedly reasonable, National Guard deployment without a plan, support, or funding.

Words matter.  They are of great consequence.  It is not our duty to fabricate work-arounds and plausible explanations for the nonsense that vomits forth from Trump’s mouth.  The duty of the press is to point out the insanity and question it.

Never is it more apparent what an ignorant and frightful person Trump is then when he is at one of his free wheeling, cult pep-rallys.  That’s the real Trump.  That’s how he really thinks.  That’s how his brain functions.

I noted in this pep rally his barely disguised disdain for his wife and his absolute fascination with killing, death, and corporal punishment.  It’s not a joke, we don’t need a sense of humor, and there are no plausible, alternate explanations that we should be reaching for.  He is honestly a frightening person…and he’s the “President.”

Like I said, Trump would make an ideal serial killer if it weren’t for his cowardice and stupidity.

Now, even in scripted moments, when Trump is trying his best, the best he can do to not appear to be a complete idiot, it is still apparent what a moron he is.

He’s so uncomfortable and out of place.  Trump hates reading.  It’s not that he can’t read; he finds it difficult.  It requires too much energy and concentration.  Reading is work.


“From the very beginning of your country’s independence, United Stated never caw…”  The thing is, he read that upcoming word earlier this day, from the podium.  But now, it eludes him.  It definitely doesn’t start with the “caw” sound.  What to do?  Some Trump razzle-dazzle, a la campaign-mode style.


Ad lib “…and this is like never and I think you know that better than anybody.”  Throw out a pointing finger. KA-BLAM. Now think of a synonym for this word.  It’ll come to you…erg.  Just read it.

“Never seized to recognize the sovereignty of the three Baltic Republics…” ad lib so you can find that synonym for the word you fucked up, “…even though, throughout the years, there’s been a lot of conflicts, a lot of problems, a lot of difficulty, we never…let you down (YES! that’s close enough!)…and we won’t let you down.”

All is well.


One thought on “April 6, 2018

  1. I am deeply sorry our electoral system is set up so the people have very little control over the continuance of this Presidency. Impeachment is too kind an option for this man who makes a mockery of our democracy.

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