March 31, 2018

The recent Russian and US diplomats expelled…can all be replaced with other diplomats by each country.  Unlike Obama’s expulsion of diplomats before he left office, in which the overall headcount was to remain reduced, the removal of diplomats in this recent expulsion of 60 Russian and US diplomats, can be replaced by asking for accreditation for replacement staff.

According to AFP in this story.

“Russia’s consulate in Seattle will also be closed, but the total size of its diplomatic footprint in the United States might not shrink for long, because the expelled staff could be replaced.

“The United States has expelled 48 Russian intelligence officers, but it is not requiring the Russian bilateral mission to reduce its total number of personnel,” a State Department official told AFP.

“The Russian government remains free to request accreditation for vacant positions in its bilateral mission. Any requests for new diplomatic accreditation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.”

Supposedly, it’s the topic of this video, but I’d have to get my sister to listen to it to be sure….since I don’t speak a lick of Russian.

If this is true, then the Russian diplomatic expulsion was merely a publicity stunt.  It’s theater.  I would think it would cause some momentary issues for Russia’s plans to affect our upcoming US midterms, but it’s not a real, substantive step, is it.


I had heard, in bits and pieces, here and there, that the real problem for Donny with this whole Stormy Daniels drama, as far as he’s concerned, is Melania.  That, if and when, they have to dust off the pre-nup and take a looksee at what the old broad gets, she might just go ahead and challenge it in court, just like the previous two did.  Neither of them faired particularly well in getting more than the pre-nup stated.  Maybe Melania will…and that is the worry.

One thought on “March 31, 2018

  1. The entire coordinated action against Russia is a stunt. The US were only happy to agree because it takes the heat off them. I particularly enjoyed their response to Russia expelling their diplomats.

    It’s ironic that the UK will announce an 18 month inquiry into shit that’s straightforward (like how an entire tower block burned down) but declare Russia guilty after a week. It stinks of deflection.

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