March 26, 2018

The US in coordination with the EU, expels record amounts of Russian diplomats from their nations.

“The United States and more than 20 other countries took coordinated action Monday to expel Russian diplomats in a show of solidarity with the United Kingdom over the nerve-agent attack against a former Russian spy in England.

Russia denies any involvement in the March 4 poisoning, which British authorities said involved a nerve agent called Novichuk, which was developed by the Soviet military.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia’s response will be up to iPresident Vladimir Putin. “We will be guided by the principle of reciprocity as before,” Peskov said.”

The US alone expelled 60 diplomats and shut down the Russian’s Seattle complex.

We are surprised.  We are delighted.  This is the type of coordinated effort that really never seemed like it would be possible again, due to all the damage Donny boy has done to our relations with the EU and with his apparent affinity for all things Russian.  I assume we shall discover to what extent Trump was involved with this measure, if at all, but that cannot tarnish the fact that this is possible.  This is exactly…exactly, the type of response that Putin never assumed would be possible either.  Dude has been winning left and right for years now and was certainly feeling he could not be stopped.

I had opined earlier that Putin, in feeling his oats, was going to make some big, bold, brassy moves this year.  The attempted hit in the UK was a sign he had some big plans coming; assuming he would get away with it.  Well now, he’s got some thinking to do.  Time to restrategize there comrade.  He’s overplayed his hand a bit.

The US expelling 60 diplomats does nothing to address Putin’s 2016 election interference, but it shall have at least a small effect on rolling out there plans for the 2018 election.  Let’s face it, diplomats are agents of espionage as much as they are anything else.  Losing those guys in Seattle is gonna hurt.

If you’re like me, we’re wondering how Donny can mess this action up.  He can’t really.  He can stumble through some inane narrative about how Russians are actually good people and we want to be friendly with them, and we just have a feeling in our stomach he’s going to try to mess this up, isn’t he.  Isn’t he?

He’s been noticeably muted by all the shit going on in his little fucked-up world.  He seems to be at a loss.  He can’t even do his troll twatter routine well.

Are we turning the corner here?

Thank God, we still have the diplomatic corp and relative agency employees to orchestrate this very large action with our real friends; our real partners, in the EU.

This is a good day.


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