Cambridge Analytica Activates a Dormant Company

It’s being reported in a couple of places, that Cambridge Anayltica is activating a previously inactive UK incorporated company, perhaps in response to their current difficulties.

Emerdata Limited was incorporated in August of 2017, but there’s suddenly been a flurry of filings with the company.

“Executives at Cambridge Analytica (CA) and parent company SCL Group registered Emerdata Limited as a data processing company last summer but they have since listed directors linked to private military contractors, secretive political meetings and the Trump administration.

Rebekah and Jennifer Mercer, daughters of the billionaire Robert Mercer who funded Cambridge Analytica, its parent company SCL Group and Donald Trump’s election campaign, were officially registered as directors of the company on Tuesday, the same day CA chief executive Alexander Nix was suspended from his role for comments made to journalists posing as prospective clients.”
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Now what’s extra special interesting about this, is the date this company was incorporated.

In the weeks before the Republican National Convention, Pual Manafort had met with Alexander Nix, yeah the guy from Cambridge Analytica, to discuss what the company could do for the Trump Campaign.  Manafort was unimpressed, and told Nix to take a hike, which pissed off the Mercer Family for sure.

“Despite Manafort’s initial rejection, the company kept trying to get on board with the campaign. And Mercer finally got her way: On July 29, 2016, the campaign paid $100,000 to the company—its first payment to Cambridge—for “data management services,” according to a filing with the Federal Elections Commission.”

Paul Manafort would later leave the Trump campaign on August 20, 2016 under a cloud of suspicion. Federal Agents raided Manafort’s home on July 26, 2017…but that wasn’t known to the public until August 9, 2017.  That’s when we found out in the US, the afternoon of August 9, 2017.  That’s when we all knew the Mueller investigation was serious.  I bet the Mercer’s thought it was serious, don’t you?

So effectively a day or a day and a half later in the UK, the Mercers registered their new LLC in the UK.  Now…it’s active, when shit just got super serious.

Added bonus:

“Also named as a director of Emerdata is 66-year-old Hong Kong businessman Johnson Chun Shun Ko, a close associate of Erik Prince, founder of private military contractor Blackwater.”

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