March 20, 2018


We always knew the pace of insanity would accelerate the longer this political climate is allowed to fester.  News is coming at a dizzying pace…and again, I will state, it’s going to get worse.

Rather than discuss each individual new piece of news, I’d like to revisit some earlier predictions and make some current ones.

“Seems to me like this is a set-up for a criminal case.  Or at least, the threat of a criminal case on several fronts.  The inclusion of the statement about campaign funds and liberal smatterings of coercion lead me to infer something else is going on here and it’s likely something else is going to happen.

It is somewhat possible that Stormy and her lawyers are about to ignore the original terms of the agreement and set up a big payday tell-all on National Television despite the terms of the original NDA.  I think it is somewhat more likely though, that other charges are being prepared in a different court regarding misappropriation of campaign funds.”

From my March 6 post, the day the case was filed by Stormy’s lawyer.  Although misappropriation or illegal use of campaign funds is not yet evident, it is clear that some other case has been filed that Stormy and her lawyer would have certainly been aware of, and that Stormy is to one extent or other, lining up her big payday despite the NDA.

I haven’t read anything about the forthcoming interview to be aired on 60 Minutes this coming Sunday, but I presume that Stormy isn’t about to go into details of the love affair itself.  To me, it seems more likely she is going to be talking about coercion and hinting at exactly what materials she has in her possession.  If she talks about the affair in it’s in entirety and in detail, I’d be surprised as hell.

I don’t think this is the big payday.

I believe this is entirely a full-court press in the court of public opinion being orchestrated rather fucking masterfully by Stormy’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti.  There’s no clear or immediate resolution to this case.  Trump’s lawyer did attempt to move the case to a different court, as I suggested they might in my original post.  Now Avenatti must attempt to avoid arbitration in a Federal Court or fight to keep it in a State court.  For his needs, any court would be fine so long as it can be a public event.

It is possible that Avenatti is going to go after Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, for something along the lines of coercion or at the least go after his license to practice in the course of affairs.  I believe anything is possible, so long as Avenatti can string this case along, keeping it front and center, until such a time as more cases are brought to court regarding NDA’s, past Trump indiscretions, and sexual abuse charges.

I do not believe this had any affect on the NY case of Summer Zervos that I’ve been following for months (here and here and here).  The defamation case that is apparently now GOING FORWARD. (unbelievable).  I can’t believe Avenatti could have known this was about to avoid being stayed, but what we have here is a confluence of cases building a very strong and unavoidable narrative that Trump is the cretin that he told us he was and also by implication, outlines how easily Trump can be manipulated and coerced.  Manipulated and coerced because of his weakness; because he’s a fool.  Manipulated and coerced.

The court still hasn’t filed it’s decision in the Zervos case online.  When it does I am absolutely going to go over it.  By the way, Zervos’ attorneys are seeking all documentation regarding all other women and their allegations of sexual abuse at the tiny hands of Trump, from Trump’ lawyers.  All of it.  Think about that. : )

My belief is that Stormy’s big payday is yet to come.  I wonder how many Hollywood execs, and NY publishers are already in touch with Avenatti.  Hmmm?


From my March 4th post.

I believed it highly probably that Russia would begin to implement some new programs.

Expanded involvement in Syria, Overt interference in EU politics and elections, a new campaign of interference in Ukraine, or a hit on Bill Browder.

“Expect increased counter lobbying efforts by Putin at best, and at worst- Browder suddenly and mysteriously deciding to jump off of a tall building or accidentally ingesting a deadly toxin.”

I couldn’t have known that the very day I posted that, Russia would attempt to poison an ex-spy as was reported the following day.  HONEST.  This is along the lines of what I would expect though.  I expect more.  If I were Browder, I’d be really fucking concerned.

I do expect whatever Russia has up it’s sleeve, we shall soon get an inkling, now that the sham of an election is behind Putin.


I believe that in studying the pace of Mueller’s investigation, that within weeks, we shall see new subpoenas or possibly indictments for US companies and individuals.  I don’t believe the investigation is anywhere near over, but I think it’s reasonable to expect that the groundwork for the final investigative phase shall soon be apparent.  I have always expected Cambridge Analytica to be embroiled in this whole affair, whether or not they are ever indicted…don’t know.

Look for the Podesta Group, Mercury, or related lobbying firms to receive subpoenas.  There could be US firms or individuals we have no knowledge of.


Added: Michael Avenatti was playing it perfect…until this sloppy mess.


Not something to be proud of.  The use of a faulty analogy and a prop as his main argument to try to muscle Cohen’s lawyer…not good.  Doesn’t further the cause and reduces his game to showmanship.

Don’t. Do. That.

I can’t even believe Cohen’s lawyer agreed to this.  outlandish.  This is like the prelude to a wrestling match, which is right up Trump’s alley.

This could have been a stellar coup de grace for Avenetti, but he wasted an unusual opportunity.  He should have sat back and let Cohen’s lawyer talk smack and then undermined him with facts…but all ya gots was bravado and silliness.  boo.

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