March 14, 2018

The US House of Representatives, in response to recent mass shootings, passes the “STOP school violence act of 2018.”  It was passed overwhelmingly in the House 407-10 and was applauded by the NRA as a great step…a great step to not reducing the ready availability of guns and it potentially sets-up the groundwork for new acts to arming school staff, thereby increasing gun sales.

“The measure would not allow any of the funding to be used for arming teachers or other school personnel. The White House said the bill would be improved by lifting that restriction.”

It is not clear if and when the Senate will look at the House’s legislation as they are currently working on their own version.

If you were expecting the House of Reps to roll up their sleeves and get down to some serious legislating, you’re going to be terribly disappointed.  They didn’t actually even write any legislation.  the “STOP school violence act of 2018” isn’t new legislation at all.  It’s four thin pages of incredibly tiny amendments of the 1968 “Crime Control and Safe Streets Act,” a real piece of legislation that is 193 pages long.

All this legislation does is change the name of 1968 act and amend verbiage in like 10 places to include really crucial shit like this:


The one single substantive change was amending the portion where the government would set aside matching funds for all states up to $50 million per year total, instead of the original $30 million written into the 1968 bill.  That portion appeared to have expired in 2009 after many other amendments had been made to this bill through the years.

In other words, the House of Representatives did nothing.  Nothing.  Nothing except encourage the NRA that there is space for further legislation that will really sweeten the pot for them.


My submission for a Newsweek headline:

March Comes in Like a Lying Trump, and Goes Out Like a Lamb!

Conor Lamb Wins in Congressional District PA 18!

Pretty good, huh?

What did I learn?

  1. Don’t send Trump to do his cult pep-rally shtick.  He’s not going to help Republican hopefuls.  The only relevant thing he said in over an hour of babbling, was a couple lines purposefully inserted to cover his own ass later on:
    “I won this district by 20 points.””Look at all of those red hats Rick.””This guy should win easily.”
  2. Republicans would do well to tout the make-believe, positive economic effects of Republican tax reform and hammer home that improved wages are right around the corner.  In the same fashion, stay on economics and the whole “fighting for the blue collar worker” narrative.  Stay away from toxic Trump issues and highlight working with Congress and any reasonable policies that might come out of the White House.
  3. There ain’t nothing wrong with running a first-timer with no political record to argue against.  Lamb was often noncommittal and wishy-washy and that worked great.
  4. There’s no reason to be on the anti-Pelosi train unless you actually mean it.  Personally, I’d like all of the old times out of Congress.  ALL OF ‘EM.  That being said, if no one is going to actually deal with the real problem, which they won’t, it really doesn’t do Democrats any good to shit on their best inside operative.  Until big money and lobbyists are removed from the process, the interests of congresspeople are always going to be at odds with the populace they are supposedly representing.
  5. Let’s call the anti-Pelosi narrative what it actually is, “The new bitch to replace the old bitch- Hillary Clinton,” narrative.  It’s ridiculous to me how easily the Democrats have ceded the right to Republicans to place that moniker on Pelosi.


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