Trump dumps Tillerson

Finally Trump gets rid if Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and installs fellow conspiracy theorist, Mike Pompeo.  This was a move long expected and perhaps is the start of cleaning out any remaining characters not willing to walk lock-step with any of Trump’s spur of the moment, low fact, reactionary, policy strategies.

Second in Command, Gina Haspel will take over as CIA director.  She is actually qualified for this job, believe it or not.  She is a solid person to run the department.

Mike Pompeo, although a complete schmuck, can’t be any worse at running the State Department than Rex Tillerson was.   Let’s see if Pompeo is inclined to rebuild the State Department and more importantly, if Trump will allow him to.

It is interesting to note that this firing came directly after Tillerson spoke out about what was clearly the Russian attempt to kill by poisoning, a former double spy in England recently, while the Trump administration has been otherwise silent about it and all things related to Russia.

“Tillerson’s remarks echoed those made Monday by British Prime Minister Theresa May, who said that it is “highly likely” Russia is responsible for the poisoning, either directly or because it lost control of the nerve agent.”

It is also worth noting, Tillerson did receive advance warning, and as you would expect, Trump did not speak to Tillerson but instead had someone else fire him.  TIllerson had planned to stay on at the State Department and was particularly interested in seeing through negotiations with North Korea.

9 thoughts on “Trump dumps Tillerson

  1. The news agencies are reporting a statement from the state department says Tillerson was not notified prior to tRump’s tweet. On Gina Haspel being qualified to run the CIA I disagree. SHe oversaw one of the CIA torture prisons and helped destroy evidence. Those two facts in my opinion means she should have lost her job at the CIA long ago. To my mind the destroying of evidence is a criminal act. But then the president is involved in criminal acts also. Hugs

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    1. Hm, yeah. I heard about her involvement in accepting the concept of torture, but not about destroying evidence. But there is a difference in actually knowing the job, and like every other cabinet member, being totally unqualified and inept. So there’s that.

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      1. True. I agree we need someone qualified, I just think there are people who are able and can do the job who have not tried to destroy evidence of wrong doing in their jobs. Hugs

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      2. I agree. Word is she’ll get through confirmation again as will Pompeo. All of the stuff that came up before in confirmation will come up again and they’ll vote along party lines no doubt. Anarchy continues.

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    1. Yeah, the thing is the bar is so low. On one hand Pompeo’s largely a yes man (pretty sure he will speak out against Russia as much as Tillerson did), and nearly as deranged as Trump. On the other hand, he may go about reversing the monumental damage Tillerson did to the State Dept.

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      1. He literally damaged it. He set up his own little fiefdom within the department, removing the rank and file from the chain of command. he proposed seriously underfunding it. High ranks have been leaving, positions aren’t being filled. To an extent he wass working with the administration to ensure our relationship with the world is based on, not just nationalistic policy, but also through military intervention as opposed to diplomacy.


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