March 10, 2018

Trump speaks at a rally in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, supporting Rick Saccone in an upcoming special election.  Per usual, this was entirely a Trump cult member pep-rally.

Trump may have mentioned Saccone’s name 3 or 4 times during the speech as an aside, but he didn’t get around to introducing Rick until the 1:08:00 mark of a 1:16:00 rambling, incoherent, and mean spirited speech.

When the speech is fact-checked, it will of course be shown to be full of lies and misrepresentations as is standard in any Trump speech. Instead, let these selected excerpts wash over you to get a true feeling of how divisive, self-absorbed, and ugly Trump’s little mind is:


Washington DC, we got a lot of evil there. A lot of evil. A lot of bad people.

A lot of fake media.  Fake, fake media.

Without Donald Trump, the Olympics would have been a failure.

Now, we have to be very nice (to N. Korea).

Sleepy eyed Chuck Todd.  He’s a sleepy eyed son of a bitch.

They’re very happy with what I’m doing, and who else could do it?

President Xi of China has really helped us.  They’ve been very good.  China has done more for us than they have done for any other president.

Who knows what’s going to happen?

Fake as hell, CNN.  The worst.  So fake.  Fake news.

MSNBC is worse.  MSNBC third rate.

I did the apprentice on NBC for 14 years.  Made them a lot of money and they do nothing but kill me.

Obama was driving you down.  You take a look at those numbers.

Clinton gave away the house. We got nothing.

President Xi.  President for life.  I was joking.  President for life, maybe we’re going to have to try it.  But, I’m joking.

Fake news.  Fake.  Horrible.

All I do is good stuff.

Your coal is coming back.  Your steel is coming back.

Can you imagine covering Bernie or Pocahontas.

I love Oprah and I’d love to beat her.  I know her weakness.

We are doing things that are amazing.

Maxine Waters a very low IQ individual.  She’s a low IQ individual, she really is.

Connor Lamb.  Lamb the Sham.  I think I’m better looking then him.

European Union, they kill us.

We have stupid politicians doing stupid things.

Canada is brutal.  Canada is really tough.

We used to be a nation of tariffs.

Why did they (EU) band together?  To screw the United States.

This is horrible what they’ve done.  They had state judges which are democrats change your voting districts.

He’s weak on crime.  He’s weak on the border.  He’s weak on the second amendment.

We have done more than any first term administration in the history of our country.

We passed the biggest tax cut in the history of our country.

…which basically guts out Obamacare.  That’ll be next.  That’ll be next.

Do you like me?  I like you.  I love you.

Is there any more fun than at a Trump rally?

They never show the crowds.  Ever.

Did you see my speech last night?  How good was I?

They like to protect criminals.  They like to protect MS13.

The only thing these gang members understand is toughness.

We have the toughest people you’ve ever seen.  They grab them by the neck.


We are building the wall.  100%.

We’ll put it in to the NAFTA agreement.  No one will notice it.

I know the best builders.

The only way to solve the drug problem is toughness.

When I was in China…not much of a drug problem, what do you attribute that to?  The death penalty.

I’m not going to let it destroy us.

Singapore- if we catch a drug dealer-death penalty.

A drug dealer will kill 2000, 3000, 5000 people.

We’ve gotta get smart.

Loaded up with MS13.

The NRA happens to be very good people.

They like to use knives because it’s much more painful.  They’re animals.

It’s like a war.

We’re doing a great great job.

Look at the stories- how horrible they are.

The Democrats want to obstruct.  They don’t want to do anything.

They have no ideas.

We’re going to do things that no one has been able to do.

I went to the Warton School of Finance.  Did great.

How easy it is to be presidential.

That’s easy.  It’s much easier than what I have to do.

I ran for President.  I never did it before.

You see they were crying.

The electoral college is much harder.

One of the greatest nights in the history of television.

They’re doing everything they can to take it away.

They’re going to take away your second amendment rights.

Rick is going to vote for us all the time.  All the time.

I won this district by 20 points.

Look at all of those red hats Rick.

This guy should win easily.

Go out and vote for Rick Saccone.
















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