March 6, 2018

Well.  There’s so much to talk about…isn’t there?

I wanted to concentrate on what is probably the most insignificant news of the day.

Stormy Daniels : )

The Summer Zervos libel case, which I have been closely following (here and here and here), still has not moved forward since 12/12.  The latest filings from the Trump side were supporting documents from other similar Trump cases that prove, without a shadow of doubt, that Trump doesn’t need to know what he is talking about and is free to make stuff up.  I still believe that this case will be stayed until such a time as Trump is not “President”.  However that may come to be.

Now, Stephanie Clifford, AKA Stormy Daniels, is seeking relief from her NDA with Trump in a state court in Los Angeles.  Let me say some stuff right up front.

This is a civil case in a state court, so it will most certainly be stayed, again…until such a time as Trump isn’t “President”.  There’s plenty of arguments against the case anyways.  I would argue first, that this isn’t even the correct court to hear the case, even though it could be, much like probably 10 other county courts, but if I wanted to delay the case indefinitely, I’d start there.  Then I’d argue on it’s merits.  The plaintiff suggest that since Trump himself did not sign the agreement, it is void.  Legal counsel is legal representative to the terms of the agreement even if not a proper signatory to the agreement itself and there has already been an accepted exchange in the terms of the agreement- money for silence, already happened.

Right now, I’m thinking all of this is academic.  Read these excerpts.






Why would Stormy’s lawyers seek immediate relief in a case they can be certain will be stayed for the foreseeable future?  Even if a judge in Los Angeles would say he was ok with hearing the case, which he won’t, you can be certain it would be effectively delayed indefinitely by Trump’s people.

Seems to me like this is a set-up for a criminal case.  Or at least, the threat of a criminal case on several fronts.  The inclusion of the statement about campaign funds and liberal smatterings of coercion lead me to infer something else is going on here and it’s likely something else is going to happen.

It is somewhat possible that Stormy and her lawyers are about to ignore the original terms of the agreement and set up a big payday tell-all on National Television despite the terms of the original NDA.  I think it is somewhat more likely though, that other charges are being prepared in a different court regarding misappropriation of campaign funds.

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