Mueller Investigation Just Got Serious(er)

NBC News is confirming earlier reporting that subpoeana(s) were sent out last month wanting all documentation, emails, text messages, work logs, and related information going back to Nov 1, 2015 from the Trump Campaign and Administration regarding:

“Mueller’s team is asking pointed questions about whether Trump knew about hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign before the public found out. The subpoena indicates that Mueller may be focused not just on what Trump campaign aides knew and when they knew it, but also on what Trump himself knew.

In addition to the president, the subpoena seeks documents that have anything to do with these current and former Trump associates:”

Steve Bannon, Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, Hope Hicks, Corey Lewandowski, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Keith Schiller, and Roger Stone.

This is according to one source who is anonymously disclosing the contents of the subpoena.  Makes ya wonder who that is, doesn’t it?

The inclusion of Keith Schiller and Roger Stone makes us wonder just how wide this net is being flung.  WikiLeaks?  PeePee Tape???  : P

I have always been hesitant to assume that Trump himself is going to get caught up in this.  I mean the idiot has been trying real hard to have himself pegged for obstruction, but this…this implies other possible charges and I have to wonder how this is going to play out in the current political and social climate.

Robert Mueller may very well be in the midst of history in the making.  I can’t imagine how this entire investigation must be weighing on him and his team.  If this is what it appears to be at this time, they must be under extreme stress.  They must feel an overwhelming sense of duty to: keep the investigation airtight, have every fucking document for court submission checked and re-checked, and to “get it right” for our future.

We’re depending on these guys in a way our democracy hasn’t depended on the honest intent and focused efforts of so few men…since, hell…I guess since the revolutionary war and resulting founding fathers.

This isn’t the reality TV show Trump thinks it is.  It’s not the daily intrigue we think it is.  It’s our Democracy.

One thought on “Mueller Investigation Just Got Serious(er)

  1. It does not appear in any shape or form that this investigation will omit Trump from this illegal mess. I look forward to the great day that he is actually accused of high crimes.

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