March 5, 2018

Sam “Knucklehead” Nunberg has off-the-hook call in interview with Katie Tur on MSNBC.


Kat-ee  Katee.  katEE.  Katy, do you know it?

katy Katy katy.

What a Dufus.

Katie stated after this interview that when the two had spoken last night around 11pm, Nunberg was still agreeable to the investigation and that at some point since then his opinion had somehow changed.

“I was thinking about this today, KATY, I was preparing it, should I spend 50 hours, going over all my emails with Roger and with Steve Bannon?”

Later on, the amount of time it would take to prepare the emails for the subpoena was  bumped up to 80 hours by Nunberg.  Look, I don’t care what kind of email program anyone uses, with the most basic program one could search by sender, copy all, and paste to a flash drive in about 1 minute.  That aside, the true reason Nunberg is publicly refusing to follow the subpoena, is rather transparently stated by Nunberg several times in the interview.

“I’m not going to cooperate when they want me to come into a grand jury, for them to insinuate that Roger Stone was colluding with Julian Assange.  Roger is my mentor, Roger is like family to me.  I’m not going to do it.”

“What made you change your mind on this?”

“When I was going over everything…today, when I looked at the subpoena…this is ridiculous.”

Knucklehead is literally reading every email, realizes there is stuff in there that incriminates Stone with Assange, and has had a change of heart about the whole thing.  That’s it.  Had he called Stone after reading through some of the emails?  Probably.  I’m gonna follow my spidey-senses on this and conclude Stone didn’t answer, Nunberg got itchy, and called MSNBC to declare to the world that he’s not doing a damn thing!

What knucklehead fails to realize is that Mueller already has all of this information, and the reason he is calling in Nunberg with the emails, is because he wants him to testify to it, in front of the grand jury, so that it is entered as corroborating evidence.  Calling in MSNBC like a drunken fool probably isn’t the best way to go about handling dissatisfaction.  (pretty sure he wasn’t drunk, he was feeling cornered.)

Truly bizarre.  That group Trump surrounded himself with during the campaign is literally a confederacy of dunces and weirdos.

Nunberg will have another change of heart for sure with the next contact from the special counsel’s office.

UPDATE:  Holy crap he’s on with Ari Melber now, whining and crying.  This is like watching a support group trying to talk a jumper down from the ledge.  Getting ridiculous : )

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