February 24, 2018

The Democratic rebuttal memo to the Nunes memo is released.  “Correcting the Record- The Russia Investigation” comes out to little fanfare.

Not much mention anywhere as this was old news before it’s release and a counter to the Nunes story which had already been dismantled of it’s own accord.  What little is left to spin, would be something along the lines of, “Yeah but, the last submission for the FISA warrant on Carter Page didn’t fully and completely spell out that the dossier was ultimately being funded for political reasons.”  Psh.  Hannity might get a day out of it.    This juvenile attempt at a “fruit of the poisonous tree” defense doesn’t even make sense and that’s why this never took any reasonable or legal route in the first place.  It’s a narrative.  Nothing more.

It is interesting to note the redactions.  What is cleaned up, appears to be names, dates, and places that could be used to triangulate information.  Clearly some of the names redacted are Russian entities.  We have to wonder if those are publicly known quantities or not.  I presume they are.  Also what is redacted is a reference to what had been already ongoing investigations into a specific number of Trump connected persons.  The number and list of names are redacted.


Aside from Carter Page, I believe this is a list of six people.  They should have been a bit more clever in the black spot next to “into”.  In context,  that is the character space for only the written word “six,” and the blacked out list area roughly conforms to that number of names.  Papadopoulus is already mentioned by name in this memo, so it’s unlikely his is one of the names.  Something to think about.

The bigger picture is this: the GOP trumpites have succeeding in severely damaging our intelligence community with this little game.  In conjunction with their other continual attacks on the FBI and DOJ, we as a nation, may suffer from this insanity for many many years to come.  This is the poisonous tree.

It’s not a joke or conjecture.  The world’s intelligence communities will think twice about sharing information with the US.  An ally must think: Will our spy’s names end up in a congressional document?  Will you politicize our methods and sources if you find the information contrary to your political ambitions?  Will you go so far as to try to press outrageous charges on persons in our intelligence network for having the gall to try to save you from yourselves?

…and your own President cannot be trusted with secret information.

…and what of these people with shady connections all over the world within the administration, that cannot get a clear pass to secret information but have it just the same?  what of those?

…and what are we to make of the dismantling of your state department?

Exactly when can the United States be trusted?  Treaties don’t appear to be worth their weight in ink.

There’s literally very little that this administration isn’t destroying.

Now this newly created destruction of trust and faith within the world’s intelligence communities…this situation, we’re really going to regret this.

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