February 20, 2018

Trump spends most of his day watching Fox News and tweeting.  10 tweets so far by 1:30pm.  With schedules like this:


…it’s obvious why he has so much time on his hands.  This is perhaps the only semi-interesting tweet:


That just seems too hilarious, so I had to do a little research on that one.  Written by David Brody and Scott Lamb, two knuckleheads from  Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network and Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, so you know it’s not gonna be slanted or biased AT ALL!  nope.

These two say right up front, they aren’t actually going to be getting into Trump’s universally renowned spiritualism, they will instead fabricate his faith from his actions and simultaneously deny there is any transactional nature to the relationship between Trump and Evangelicals.  em K.  Here’s a little review for the book.

“when assessing the faith of Donald Trump, the significance of the Neil Gorsuch nomination cannot be underestimated.”

“More egregiously, in another passage the authors suggest that Trump’s rapacious libido is just his misguided quest for God. I wish I were kidding. The authors prominently quote a character from a 1944 Bruce Marshall novel: “I still prefer to believe that sex is a substitute for religion and that the young man who rings the bell at the brothel is unconsciously looking for God.” Brody and Lamb’s book was printed before the appearance of press reports about Trump having had sex with a porn star around the time his wife was giving birth to their son, but one gets the sense that the authors of The Faith of Donald Trump and the evangelical casuists they quote would have no trouble spinning that infidelity as something unimportant or, in a roundabout way, even admirable.”


I find myself, once again, wondering about “big picture” topics lately.  I feel like we’re lost in the woods with “gun control,” violence, and the increasingly divisive nature of our culture.

I believe that if we can manage to follow this opening, hard-fought, path towards some type of new regulations for gun control, we shall not succeed in any measurable fashion in reducing the numbers of people (particularly children) being slaughtered on a regular basis.  Each loophole closed over the forthcoming years will not hinder the results; but only change the means.

There is a growing sense in our unusual American society that violence is a justifiable and even glorified way in which to deal with our personal problems.  I can’t say this is strictly due to Trump’s verified promotion of violence and separation of our society into distinct, competing classes, but I believe I can say that he is responsible for rapidly unveiling and accelerating this ugly culture as are the GOP and Evangelicals in general.

Every slight push toward gun control is a move closer to a breaking point for the NRA and cult followers that “WE”RE COMING FOR ALL YER GUNS!!!”  And you know what?  They’re right.  That’s literally the only effective thing that can be done.  The second amendment should be abolished and new federal laws written to cover the “privilege” of gun ownership; no longer the “right” of gun ownership.

Will that happen?  Nope.  Because it requires 3/4 of state legislations to ratify what Congress must be forced to abolish and them there red states luv themselves some unfettered access to guns.  So, until such a time as the loss of loved ones in the red states becomes unbearable, what we could possibly witness is a painfully slow process of incrementally small steps, over years and years, of minor restrictions to ownership of guns.  Meanwhile, those bent on killing will not be hindered at all.  The body counts per massacre may go down, but there’s no reason to think that the incidents shall not go up.

For this administration…that’s fine.  The states can work to militarize their institutions while the Fed militarizes and isolates our nation.  It doesn’t matter.  Gun manufacturers can sell more handguns and accessories.  So long as they have a steady revenue stream, it’s all good.

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