All Praise Trump! First Responders or Another Strange Cabinet Meeting?

What’s the difference between Trump’s visit to Florida to meet with first responders from the most recent school shooting, and his bizarre cabinet meeting where everyone profusely thanked Trump for shining the light of his existence on them?  Not much.

The only difference in the opening of both of these meeting was that Trump had notes to read for the cabinet meeting.  Without those, it’s doubtful he would have been able to name many of his own cabinet members.  In both cases, him and the people around him were able to accomplish things faster and more effectively than anyone would have ever thought possible.

In describing the one person he could remember visiting at the hospital after the Florida school shooting, he turns to the sheriff and say, “You know who I’m talking about, right?”  Because Trump doesn’t know who he’s talking about.

Everything is spectacular and fabulous and everyone deserves a raise.  Now let’s go around the room and you can tell Trump how great he is, because that’s really the only thing that has ever mattered.

In the Cabinet meeting, It’s VP Mike Pence (Trump can’t seem to find him, even though he’s sitting right the fuck across from him) that sets the tone for what level of nut-licking will be required.  In the first responders meeting, it’s the sheriff.

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