Mueller announces new indictments

Mueller’s grand jury hands down indictments for 15 Russian individuals and entities.  Indictment is here.  All of the organizations are being charged with conspiracy, fraud, and related offenses in regard to their interference in US elections.

News organizations are pointing out that it is highly unlikely that any of these individuals will ever see a day in court.  Such indictments will certainly affect the ability to freely move about in the world for fear of extradition.

What we are overlooking is the absolutely powerful statement these indictments make and their effects on any future narrative about Russian interference in our election.  No longer can any arguments be made that:

  1. There is no proof of a Russian organized attempt to undermine our election.
  2. The Mueller investigation is a witch hunt.
  3. The Mueller investigation is a complete waste of time.

Take note Fox news and all of the talking heads.  It’s real.  It’ always been real.  Mueller is not wasting our time and money.  It’s not a witch hunt.  THE FUCKING INVESTIGATION HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE IN OUR FUCKING ELECTIONS.

I don’t believe Mueller is playing politics in announcing these indictments at this time.  He appears to be methodical and plodding.  These indictments came down at exactly the time they were ready.  That being said, I couldn’t be happier about their existence at this time.  Perhaps Congress will feel the fire at their feet.

Take note Congress.  If anyone is wasting our time and money, it is you.  You’ve done exactly jack-shit to protect our upcoming elections.  You’ve done exactly jack-shit to shed light on what the Russians did in 2016 with or without the help of the current administration.

Sure, probably nothing will ever come of these indictments.  That’s not the point.  The point is Mueller is doing exactly the job he was assigned.  The overview of the entire investigation is about protecting our country and Mueller is making honest and measurable advances to just that end.

7 thoughts on “Mueller announces new indictments

  1. Who are you saying this to? Congress knows. They just don’t care. We knew all along but are powerless to do anything about it. Trump’s base are illiterate scum and don’t care. They are currently watching Fox News. Switch your channel to Fox News if you can stomach it and see what they are reporting (I use reporting loosely here). It is safe to say his base aren’t “reading” anything other than maybe facebook memes.

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    1. Hm yeah that’s true. However any of these counter arguments are now provably false. So Fox will have to come up with new angles. They can’t use these particular counter arguments any longer.

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      1. Right things? I’m surprised. Not watching them at this moment. But whenever ALL cable news channels, local news channels, reliable written written publications would report on what’s going on, FOX News would either A) Blatantly Lie B) Ignore it completely. CNN could be talking about Breaking News story regarding new evidence of a cover up that has just been revealed. Switch Fox News and if they can’t lie or spin it, they are discussing how beautiful Melania looked last night in her shoes.

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  2. I like it. This needs much broader coverage. A lot needs to be made of this, and of course the interference the white house has been doing to block this information / investigation. Nunes should be called to carpet on this asap and publicly. Hugs

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    1. I think a lot of these guys are going to flip now as they are trying to plea with Mueller. Now I’m wondering what this Bannon 20 hour interview “queen for a day” interview was about. Bannon looks like a lot of things. But he sure as hell doesn’t look like any queen to me.

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      1. I see the Fox spin being created yeah. It’s a losers gambit, but it’s good for a week. The indictments prove Trump and his administration weren’t involved in a Russian conspiracy like the Democrats have been saying all along. Which is…bleh. Sure, some low fact Democrats akin to Fox zombies say things this reductively simplistic. I guess Hannity will run with that tonight, yeah. Poor play, but it’ll do ok with the cult. It’s still not the point. Where we are now, holding onto this thin narratives mean nothing.

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