Thoughts and Prayers

Sorry and sad.

It’s pure evil.  We’re so upset.  It’s unspeakable.  My condolences.  We’ll pay.  We’ll investigate.  Everything is going to be taken care of.

It’ll be closed up.  It’ll be case closed.  It’ll be cleaned up.

We’ll clean your baby’s blood from the floors.  We’ll use bleach.  It’s clean.  You’ll be clean.  We’ll pay for a resting place far from here on a hill.  You can visit and pray.

We’ll pray and wring our hands together.  We can do that, you know.  We’re all angry.  Can you see?

Hold my hand, it’s clean.  Shall we pray?

We need a task force.  It’s mental illness.  Needs to be fixed.  Needs to be scrubbed. Needs to be cleaned.  It’s dirty.  It’s dirty.  It’s dirty.  Wring your hands.  Thoughts and prayers.

Your tomorrow’s still coming, just not like it was.  Not the same.  There’s a hole.  There’s a hill.  We can visit and pray.

I’m wearing white.

I’m wearing white.

I’m wearing white.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts and Prayers

    1. Him and that weirdo pam bondi, who has a knack for inexplicably popping up on the national stage. standing there and ranting about crowd source funding and everyone is going to be paid…and don’t try to scam people…blah blah blah, makes me fucking sick. That’s all anyone needs is to fill out a form and get paid. it’ll all be fucking ok….here’s a fucking coffin for your baby.

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  1. Until the politician’s own kin is a victim of gun violence, no significant gun legislation will be possible and it will be another gun event like yesterday—a Valentine Massacre(occurring on the Day of Hearts).

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