February 8, 2018

CNN and MSNBC aren’t doing themselves any favors with running all the narratives regarding Rob Porter, the White House’s propensity to shied racists and abusers, and the faux concern for Hope Hicks.  Our moral outrage has made no difference so far, why should it now?  Do we suddenly think the White House is going to care?  Aren’t there about 10 other stories more important right now?  Is the fact that this story is a convergence of our outrage at an immoral administration with the “Me too,” movement that makes it so unavoidable, appealing, and lucrative?

It’s sensationalism and it will be meaningless in a day or two.  When the conservatives say, “Liberals are unhinged,” this is what they are talking about.  Everyone has the idea that Rob Porter is a dick.  We get it.  Screaming, gnashing our teeth, and stomping our feet isn’t going to alter or extend our understanding any further.  It certainly isn’t going to make the White House give two fucks or change any of their policies.

Why should I care about Hope Hicks’ relationships?  I don’t care.  I don’t know her.  All I know about her is she’s a former model that did some work for Ivanka Trump and a couple years later ended up being the communications director in Trump’s White House.  All I know is she’s found herself in a couple relationships with the scumbags in the White House.  She’s a big girl, that’s her choice and truth be told, she’s a part of the insanity machine poisoning our country, so I care less than not at all.

The White House doesn’t care what we think; to them this is just a temporary PR issue.  John Kelly doesn’t care what we think.  Congress has a ton of problems on their hands and they don’t have the time to care.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t voice concern about what is wrong with this administration and society in general.  Let’s just go ahead and put this in the endless list of everything that is wrong with this administration.  Our nation’s current issues aren’t hinged on a goddamn talk show piece that’s going to be wrapped up by the next commercial break.  The stories today about this Amarosa creature are just adding to my frustration at how we are being played by all of the media today when there’s important shit going down.

We’re getting distracted again and again.

We have another shut down looming.  Senate goofball and ultimate hypocrite, Rand Paul, is lecturing everyone about their hypocrisy.

Daca has not been solved.

We still are not any closer to securing our 2018 midterm elections against Russian interference.

This Administration is slowly destroying our social fabric.


5 thoughts on “February 8, 2018

  1. One of the problems thinking people have with the daily news is the information stream is so deep it is hard to get it all in and try to understand it during a single day. That is why Fox News has such success. They pick two or three talking points and fit everything happening into those points. Regardless of information, truth of the story, or the omission of important parts of it, it is forced into a mold to fit the talking points. This makes it easy for the deplorables to follow and repeat. However I think we do have to maintain what we feel is the minimum human standards of rights, and violent actions of one person against another can not be excused by gender nor status of marriage. Those who do such actions should be called out on it, and if other people who know of these actions then claim that regardless the person doing them is a praise worth person like Gen. Kelly did that needs to be called out also.
    However I think the bigger part of this story that needs more examination is the fact that all this time Porter has been in a position that requires a security clearance and those employing him knew he couldn’t qualify for one. They simply ignored the fact of his job requirement and his risk and let him have access to information he never should have had. These are the same people that claimed Hillary Clinton was careless with classified information and so should be denied office, charge with crimes, and “locked up”. This really needs to be given more new broadcast time I think. Hugs

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  2. Between yet another shut down, that idiot Rand Paul, the memo,Trumps refusal to interview, and now this Rob Porter distraction bullshit. It is hard to keep pace. You know what we could use to get our mind off things for a bit? A nice fun parade.

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