February 2, 2018

Some thoughts on the Nunes memo:

What a fail.

I don’t need to take it apart because it has been taken apart to great effect repeatedly already with just the illogical, nonsensical information presented in itself!  The minority memo isn’t even needed to shred this document to pieces.

The document makes clear, I don’t know if it’s inadvertently, that the entire FBI investigation had begun with Papadopoulos as was suspected.  Not with Carter page.  Thanks Australian Diplomat for looking out for our country where those around Trump have failed!

It’s been reported that Sean Hannity has been advising Trump on how to handle the Nunes memo.  Fox News received talking points from the memo first.  Fox news get’s Devin Nunes interview first.  So, well…ok.  The way I see it, it’s worse than Fox news being the propaganda arm of Trump Federal Govt. LLC; I see it as purposeful manipulation for ratings.  Hannity viewers in particular lllllloooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeee conspiracy theories more than life itself.  LUV IT.  This is their favorite shit in the whole world.  Hannity’s input with Trump, however great or small it truly may be, is primarily given with regard to how Hannity believes it will affect his hold over his viewers.  And honestly, that’s even worse than Hannity manipulating Trump’s pea brain in an attempt to form Trump’s policies.

I am now thinking, and I can’t believe Hannity didn’t think of this, it would have been more effective for Both Hannity’s ratings and for Trump, to have sat on the memo ostensibly, “for fear it would compromise foreign intelligence operations.”  This would have given the unseen document even more hype and an air of greater believability due to it’s stated gravity.

I say that because the important thing to Trump’s standing in this whole sordid affair, was how the cult would perceive it as proof…FINALLY PROOF!!! of the whole Clinton, deep-state, shadow government, illuminati, secret underworld gathering of FBI operatives and Satanists that we all knew to be true!

It would have been the holy grail, if they just couldn’t see it.  As it stands, it’s still pretty good stuff for the cult.  That’s all that ever mattered.  Not as good as it could have been, but still pretty good.  Commentators are getting all caught up in the “this crap doesn’t prove anything about Mueller’s investigation being compromised.”  That was never the point.

This whole exercise is to give the cult members what they perceive as solid ground to stand on, while Trump fires Rosenstein and maybe a few other people.  That is all.  What us sane people think about it doesn’t matter at all.  How we can take it apart, doesn’t matter at all.

The memo is not to prove anything to sane people, it’s exclusively for cult member’s consumption.  Get that in yer noggin.

Nunes has stated he’s going to go ahead and craft some new documents to undermine other arms of our government as well.  Goodie.  Nunes says the State Department is up next.  Why the Trump machine needs to go after the State Department next, I have no idea.  Tillerson has already done a bang up job in dismantling that arm of the government.  So what’s the deal?  Is it something that will be created to fire Tillerson himself?  That doesn’t even make sense, because Trump could fire Tillerson at any time and the world’s reaction would be /yawn.  I thought you wanted to fire him 4 or 5 times already?

So, there must be some other angle for the Trump administration, that we are not yet aware of.  Perhaps they are going to try to color the US relationship with a particular country as being unfairly manipulated by “The Deep State,” in order for Trump to “re-adjust” said relationship.  So hmmm.  Russia? Turkey? Syria? Israel? Or perhaps, it’s a new fangled way to go after Hillary Clinton and that will be soooo fucking boring.  I’d rather back over my own head with my car than hear the name Hillary Clinton over and over and over on non-cult TV.

No idea.  guesses are welcome as to what the angle is here.

It is worth noting the DJIA took a bath today, largely in response to this fiasco.  The markets love governmental inaction not instability.  It is possible that some investors will start taking their profits, because there’s a hella lot of profits to take, and this could precipitate the “correction” that we all knew was inevitable.  It’s not a sure thing, but this is as good a time as any.  If that in fact happens, Trump’s going to have to come up with something new to fixate on.  The DJIA was/is never a good way to judge the economy and it’s effects on the populace.

I would also like to add, this whole undertaking, which appears to have been coordinated between the White House, their boy Nunes and respective staffs, could potentially put Mueller in an interesting situation.  He is empowered to investigate “anything that may arise.”  It is possible that the way the Nunes memo came to be, is symptomatic of Trump’s attempted obstruction.  White House counsel Don McGhan is, once again, a central party.  He has already been called in to an interview with Mueller.  It is possible he will be called back with a totally new line of questioning.

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