Excerpts of Intel Committee Transcript to Release Nunes Memo

ADDED:  Released memo is full of supposition and hearsay; not a legal document AT ALL.  It is what it is–a device to give Trump a little cover to go ahead and fire Rosenstein.

Read it here.


After reading through the House Intel Committee meeting to release the Nunes memo, it is obvious that the committee members oftentimes are not aware of the committee’s direction, what activities the committee is up to, and what individual members of the committee are up to, particularly in regards to the democratic members.  It is not clear that anyone except Nunes knows who has even had access to his memo and underlying materials.  It is not clear Nunes is particularly involved in this meeting other than to reside over it til such a time as the vote to have the memo released is passed.

As example of this dysfunction, here is how the committee comes to understand that the DOJ and FBI appear to be under investigation and, by this sudden revelation, is formed Nunes unilateral decision that no one shall review the document, because of this suddenly apparent investigation. (Please note, if any GOP committee member says again it was not put forth by this committee that DOJ and FBI are under investigation, it has been presented by the Chairman that they in fact are):

in response to Schiff’s request to have the document reviewed and redacted as necessary by the FBI or DOJ, page 21:



Nunes answers this question by stating a subpoena was put out to receive documents from the FBI, therefore, there’s an ongoing investigation.  ?

For whatever reason this is allowed to pass until sometime later on, but read all of this, page 23-25:




Nunes avoids answering.  It is clear to the Democrats, at this point, how this is going to go down.

The vote to release the memo.  All GOP yes, All Dems no.

The decision to have the memo reviewed by one of any outside parties. All GOP no, all Dems yes.

The vote to have the minority memo released simultaneously.  All GOP no, all Dems yes.

Chair relents to take a vote on releasing the minority memo at a later date.

Now here is the best statement made in this meeting by the honorable and right smart democrat, Jim Himes of CT:



This is an accurate portrayal of what will happen.  It is entirely correct.  Let me tell you what I presume.

The Nunes memo will be released.  It will state, in some fashion, that the Steele dossier is being used to support the claim that the FISA warrant should be reissued.  It will also probably have something along the lines of an FBI payment to Steele (or something equally dreadful), that is my guess..and I think that was already alluded to in the Fusion GPS testimony.  We’ll get back to that little piece of tom foolery if and when it happens.

Following will be a mini shitstorm and then the release of the minority memo, which will, by and large, tear the Nunes memo to shreds for it’s inaccurate and incomplete portrayal.  That’s how it plays out, right?

So here’s the deal.  Assuming the minority’s argument is sound in it’s dissection of the Nunes memo, we stand back and say, “Yes, the minority argument shows the fallacy in the Nunes memo as they now stand, but…but, how can I be certain all of the facts are accurately portrayed without seeing the source document, the FISA warrant itself?”

You think Nunes hasn’t thought of all of this?  Does it seem like, in what you’ve read so far, that Nunes gives a fuck?  Is it likely that Nunes also knows that someone, “Will get tarred for being imprudent”?  He’s sitting here right now listening to all of this, and he can’t wait to just have the vote over and done with.

Page 26:


Page 27:


Schiff, page 28:


Schiff, page 37:


Page 40:


Everything you’ve read here is a Democrat, aside from Nunes.  All the Republicans have to say is this:




In the middle of all of this, Schiff says (paraphrasing): Well okay.  If that’s the way it’s gonna be.  We shall do what you refuse to do.  We’ll have the FBI look at the minority memo first, to check it for accuracy against the source data and to redact anything that could be harmful.  If this has to happen, we’re going to do it the right way.

Now why didn’t Nunes say, “You can’t do that…I’ve just told you they’re under investigation and can’t be trusted!”

He doesn’t say that.  he doesn’t care.  He doesn’t care that there’s gonna be hell to pay when this all gets cleared up.  None of that matters.

The only thing that ever mattered was creating this little window of a narrative for one to two weeks.  That’s all that matters.  There aren’t any other apparent bullets in the chamber.  This is it.  These one-two weeks.  That’s what this whole ridiculous exercise is for.

So what’s going to happen in these one-two weeks?



We cannot guess what these changes mean because we have no idea what is in either document.  Schiff’s letter seems to indicate it was not dramatic changes, he calls it a “material” changes.  Schiff argues in this letter the entire memo should be disregarded at this point, as the majority is not at all dealing in good faith.  In another time; in another place that might make a difference, but as the entire affair is a clusterfuck of theatrical obfuscation from beginning to end, I can’t see how reason or logic will have any standing in this now.

4 thoughts on “Excerpts of Intel Committee Transcript to Release Nunes Memo

  1. After Nunes midnight run to help the white house with a secret just found memo that proved to be totally nothing and got him caught, I figured that Russia has something on him also. Either he has taken money from the Russian mob like tRump did or he has a video of doing something illegal he wants to keep from coming out. Other wise to ruin his whole career in congress for this and to be so very rabid about it makes no sense. When Chaffetz resigned from congress so suddenly I figured he has massive illegality the Russians knew about. What is your take, are there a lot of dirty congress members guilty of taking money from Russians or have something held over their heads?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. not a lot just a couple, that whole chaffetz thing was beyond fishy. Nunes is totally obvious. Oh..I added some important stuff at the bottom of the post that i forgot.

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