January 30, 2018

The White House may deny they are involved in the GOP strong-arming the imminent release of the heavily biased Nunes memo, but it’s clear the White House is involved. It has been reported from multiple news outlets that Chief of Staff John Kelly had ongoing discussions with both the FBI and DOJ outlining the President’s dissatisfaction with either department voicing opposition to the memo’s release.  With Kelly purportedly using the disclaimer, “The White House is not expecting them to do anything illegal or unethical,” but it would be a solid if they did.  Couple that with minority ranking member, Adam Schiff, declaring last night that the GOP majority House Intel Committee has opened investigations into both the DOJ and FBI and we can surmise there is coordinated undue influence being exerted on those institutions.

If there were anything untoward discovered by the Intel Committee regarding the handling of the FISA warrant for Carter Page, there are several remedies available that a concerned Intel Committee would undertake, if their true concern was that the warrant was mishandled and the Committee was acting in the public interest:

  1. Take the information to the chief judge of the FISA court and have him review it.
  2. Go to the DOJ Inspector General, which is an independent entity that could investigate the matter.
  3. Take the information to the Trump appointed FBI director who could properly review and address the issue more directly and effectively than anyone.

No.  None of these things happened.  So actually dealing with the issue for the public interest, never was a priority, was it?  What was important was to get it out right now to attempt to set a narrative, which by the Intel Committee’s own admission has a possible shelf life of around 7 days.  Around that time the Intel Committee will consider voting on releasing the minority’s memo which outlines why the Nunes memo is incorrect in it’s assertions and mostly partisan cherry picking.

7 days.

What’s happening within the 7 day?   I ask because, dealing with concerns about the FISA warrant in a legitimate fashion was never the goal, so what was the real intention? So far, we’ve seen Trump rescind the overwhelmingly supported Russian sanctions as they have been deemed unnecessary.  What else is going to happen?

Rick has a lot of strong opinions about Trump and the direction of the GOP in general…I never heard the guy be “funny,” but this has to be a joke, to lift the lines from Nixon’s last State of the Union Address.  It’s a joke, right?  Yeah, has to be.  But something is afoot my friends.  What does the one-week-cover Trump shall have surrounding the release of the memo buy for him?

I believe, as I did in yesterday’s post, that we will probably get an inkling from the State of the Union Address of forthcoming draconian measures (it’s “State of the Union Address,” not SOTU!!! and he’s not the POTUS, he’s the dick occupying the office.)


but…is he going to attempt to fire Rod Rosenstein in the next 7 days?  That’s my question.


Added:  Absolutely creepy statement made by Trump today at a luncheon with journalists preceding his State of the Union Address tonight:

“I would love to be able to bring back our country into a great form of unity,” Trump said. “Without a major event where people pull together, that’s hard to do. But I would like to do it without that major event because usually that major event is not a good thing.”

The content is creepy and it’s the way it is casually related by Trump makes it extra creepy.

One thought on “January 30, 2018

  1. My anger was that they refused to let the minority report be released. I hope they can do it without the republican approval. It seems they want the water mudding one out and not the one that clears things up. Hugs

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