January 29, 2018

UPDATE: GOP votes to release their own distorted memo.  They separately voted to not release the minority’s memo outlining how the facts have been distorted.  They separately voted to not allow the FBI or DOJ to view and address the GOP memo.  Trump just needs to sign off on this now.  Schiff is currently announcing this and describing how an infected presidency has passed it’s disease to Congress.  Schiff has also said that his GOP led committee is opening up investigations into both the DOJ and FBI.  Obviously a further attempt to thwart the ongoing investigation by all means necessary even if it means the undermining of our governmental institutions.

Truly a sad day for our Democracy.  GOP has crossed a line that is regrettable.  Saving this disgusting, unqualified, idiot president is all that matters to the GOP to the detriment of everything else.

UPDATE: at around the same time this vote was going down, White House announced they decided they are not imposing the sanctions against the Russian that were overwhelmingly passed last year-


With Trump’s State of the Union Address imminent, the relative silence on his twitter feed speaks volumes, particularly considering his incredibly light schedule for today:


He’s always scheduled for ridiculously short days which usually lead to lots and lots of TV time and early morning and evening twatterings…not lately.  I’m going to go ahead and assume that the nativist, unqualified Trump administration “brain trust,” is working on a whammy or two for the address.

They could be crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s on an updated immigration policy that Trump will allude to, but I think it’s more likely they are going to throw a hand grenade on the floor of Congress with the outline for a proposed infrastructure bill.  Could be.

My general feeling is they are cooking up something to keep Congress and the public disoriented as that is this White House’s preferred tool for cover of whatever nefarious deeds they are up to administratively.

Will Trump make a gaff in his address?  Probably not, but does it matter anyway?  He’s already a certified fool.  Will he describe how he wants to build bridges and work in a bipartisan fashion going forward?  Of course, mostly because he has to ….and does that really matter either?

The GOP’s characterization that Democrats are being obstructionists is a flimsy tool.  Equating “Vote on exactly what we want or nothing,” with obstruction is ridiculous and not nearly as effective as Bush’s, “Vote on this war or you are not a patriot.”  Saying the Administration and the GOP want to work in a bipartisan fashion means nothing because if they can get away with not doing so, they will.  If they have to work on bipartisan legislation, their initial approach will be “our way or the highway.”

Supposedly Congress is taking a vote right now on whether or not to release D-bag Nunes’ crafted document in regards to the FBI’s use of FISA warrants and the Steele Dossier.  Again, does it matter?  At best it will start a firestorm that will burn out in a week.  Long term, what Nunes, the White House, and some of the GOP are doing is irreparable damage to our institutions and standing in the world.

This is what it looks like when we put a party that has truly been nothing but obstructionists in power.  They haven’t the ability to govern, but are advanced in the powers of destruction.



4 thoughts on “January 29, 2018

    1. this is a little more serious than I was initially thinking. Nearly every card is on the table now. Nothing good comes from this. Not a good day for the US.


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