Trump Bozo Bus Pulls up in Davos

The Trump Bozo Bus is set to pull up to the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland in two days, amid the backdrop of anti-Trump protests. Trump will be in attendance with the majority of his multi-millionaire/billionaire cabinet members and trade representatives to hobnob with the world’s trading elite and heads of state.

The Bozo Bus will depart despite the difficult road Congress has ahead dealing with the budget/DACA shitstorm of Trump’s own creation and it’s deadline looming.  Trump’s bus will arrive at this global economic forum with his “achievements” preceding him.  His duly noted stance of “America First,” Removal from the Trans pacific partnership, threatened removal from NAFTA, removal and then threatened removal for the Iran Nuclear Agreement, removal from the Paris Accord, severed free trade agreement with America’s own partner of South Korea, Dismantling of the US Diplomatic Corp, continual threats of tariffs against China and Mexico, Threats of Nuclear war with North Korea, Continual shit-talking of nearly every US ally, penchant for old world energy at the expense of the environment, and the recent, utterly bone-headed tariff placed on imported solar panels, which not only hurts international trade but literally destroys what has been a very successful growth pattern in the US renewable energy sector.  A move that will cost the US 23,000 jobs this year alone and:

“In fact, the biggest winner from Trump’s decision appears to be a party that wasn’t involved in the trade case at all: The fossil-fuel industry. According to GTM, Trump’s tariff will block 7.6 gigawatts of solar from being installed through 2022 — roughly twice what’s currently installed in Arizona — primarily by deterring utilities from building new solar farms. In turn, this will extend reliance on older, more polluting generations like coal-fired power plants.”


In other words, Trump represents the antithesis of what the World Economic Forum is all about.  He’s the poster child for everything the Forum doesn’t stand for.  As a matter of fact, their stated goal for this year’s meeting, is specifically about not being like Trump:

“Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World

The global context has changed dramatically: geostrategic fissures have re-emerged on multiple fronts with wide-ranging political, economic and social consequences. Realpolitik is no longer just a relic of the Cold War. Economic prosperity and social cohesion are not one and the same. The global commons cannot protect or heal itself.

Politically, new and divisive narratives are transforming governance. Economically, policies are being formulated to preserve the benefits of global integration while limiting shared obligations such as sustainable development, inclusive growth and managing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Socially, citizens yearn for responsive leadership; yet, a collective purpose remains elusive despite ever-expanding social networks. All the while, the social contract between states and their citizens continues to erode.”

The Bozo Bus is coming!!!

What does this administration hope to gain by attending a meeting they seem neither welcome to by the council nor by the public at large waiting to throw stones?  What do you think?  To go there and act like a dick.  Trump will once again get on the world stage and tell everyone they aren’t living up to Trump’s standards, but he’ll be happy to make one-off deals with them that will boost his ego and be declared a WIN for the day, so long as it’s according to his own terms.

Trump, oblivious to the reality; the world is giving him the finger and moving on without the US.

Pacific Rim trade pact makes step toward new deal without US



What else do we have in store, aside from Trump embarrassing the United States worldwide yet again?  Not only will Trump’s insider millionaires be in attendance, so will many of the Russian oligarch’s.  Mix them up in a big tub of stupid with a multitude of press people on hand, and what do you think will happen?  How many secret meetings with Russian officials and bankers from the very institutions mentioned as likely co-conspiracy in the Russian interference investigation do you think we’re going to hear about?  Or meetings in which Donny, Ivanka, or Jared seek to enrich themselves dealing as US representatives?

This administration is epically tone deaf and optics blind.  And the truth is, they really don’t give a fuck.  Cult members back home will cheer them on for “telling it like it is,” as Trump sinks America deeper and deeper into a quagmire that will not only be difficult for future administrations to emerge from, the damage may be so severe, that the US finds itself hard pressed to resume it’s former standing.

Trump will swagger on to the world stage as a vandal, shove people aside and bluster from his blowhole, make idle threats and unreasonable demands, compromise his own legal standing and America’s world standing, and leave self-assured that he is reshaping the world in his own image.


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