Sarah Huckabee Sanders…is still a cunt

Today’s Propaganda Seminar Press Conference:  Sarah Huckabee Sanders says, with a twinkle in her eye and a grin on her cunt face, that the administration won’t release their “plans” for the Dreamers until Monday because it would “take away the fun…”

Take away.



Which part is the “fun” part?  The sense of total power over others?  The fear they feel?  Is it “fun” that there’s no actual, current plan in writing, but chief administration racist Miller will get around to that over the weekend?  Is that the “fun” part?

Is it hysterical to you Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

A real knee-slapper?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is still a cunt in case you were wondering.

April 13 update.   You’re not going to believe this.  Sarah Sanders continues to be a cunt.

May 30 update: Sarah Sanders inexplicably slightly less cunty!

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