January 23, 2018

Trump acting like he has no idea what could possibly happen with the Dreamers, but he’s certain money needs to be put aside for the military and his wall.

This is purposeful messaging, to start the damage control narrative now.

I was talking yesterday about the odds of anything being passed to protect the dreamers if a bill managed to get to the floor in either house.  The odds are against this happening due to time constraints and the multitude of different ideological camps in both the GOP and Democratic parties.

At this point, my presumption is, both the GOP and Democrat’s stance on how this plays out is primarily driven by concerns over optics and the effect on the midterm elections more than it is driven by interest in the Dreamers themselves.  Sad, but I believe this to be true.

I believe the most likely legislation to pass involving protection for the dreamers, would be a Trump campaign-style, border wall-centric bill with most if not all of it’s original qualifications.  This would also be the least popular among the Republican base as it would dissatisfy the hard right for not going far enough, and the more moderate for charging them for it’s construction.

I’d like to point out, as far as optics and the effect on the midterms is concerned, the best legislation the GOP could put up for vote concerning the Dreamers,  would be the most far right, restrictive, and unreasonable piece they could manufacture.  I mean, so long as it did not explicitly say, “Only 100 scientists from Norway and 1000 Swedish bikini models per year.”  This would certainly displease a few congressional GOP moderates but I don’t think the GOP electorate would much care.  In creating poison pill legislation, the Democrats and these few moderate Republicans would argue against it and then ultimately vote against it, thereby ostensibly shifting the blame for the death of DACA on to Democrats.

That would not be difficult messaging to sell to semi-interested Republicans: “Democrats Kill DACA Deal!”

All of this is academic.  Congress hasn’t been able to formulate a bill on immigration reform for years, it’s not probable that they are going to get their shit together between now and March 5th.

Very soon, the Budget war will begin and that will push most of the talk about the Dreamers to the background until we’re right up against it.

I am sorry and ashamed that our nation cannot live up to it’s promises, and that in all things, has become unreliable, untrustworthy, and ignoble.

One thought on “January 23, 2018

  1. Our country not being able to be taken at its word was when 47 republican congress people wrote an open letter to a foreign country saying that if the president came to a deal, and the deal was approved and signed, Congress wouldn’t honor it and as soon as a republican president was elected they would find a way to break the deal. Basically they were saying that the US can not be trusted on any signed treaty because congress for political reasons would refuse to honor it. Personally I felt it was treasonist and violated the logan act in that the country was being represented by the president and a select group of congress was interfering with that. Oh crap, what has party over country done to us. Hugs

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