Not a good deal

If what I said was true- that all that ever mattered was positioning for the nitty gritty of budget negotiations, then the Democrats succeeded in decoupling DACA and immigration reform from those negotiations.  They can get the dollar for dollar defense to non defense increases that they wanted.  But man o man, is this backwards.  Oh boy.

In their separate negotiations over DACA and immigration reform, someone is going to pay if any legislation ever makes it to the floor.  Republicans will not pass anything without someone paying dearly.  Oh my.   The fact is, the Republicans could be open to discussing long term plans for immigration reform and allow DACA recipients to eat dust as what remains of their protections are allowed to expire on March 5th.  I hold out hope they can be given a path to citizenship separately from immigration policy discussions or jointly, as everything the Democrats “get”.  Let’s see.  I believe it is possible.

All of this potentially opens up breathing room for Congress’ hard right and the administration’s ideologues to further their destructive nativist policies.   It also deepens my cynicism and mistrust in that appropriations…money, was what it was about all along.

Two silver lings:

Congress has shown they can act like Congress, even if the results are not ideal.

Allowing the wall and all of it’s accoutrements to be written into legislation is not the same as actually funding it.  Giving Trump his victory at the supposed expense of US taxpayers, is not something that is going to play well at all.


Added: Let it be duly noted that CHIP was offered as what the Democrats “get” from this deal to re-open the government, that and a “promise” to revisit immigration reform and by extension DACA.  Those were the counters.  Those, the GOP relented and gave as concessions.

2 thoughts on “Not a good deal

  1. Every news alert I got said the Democrats caved or blinked. They are taking the heat now so I hope they got something worthwhile out of it. I wish they would have gotten their promises in writing because as we seen with McConnell’s promises to Susan Collins. He screwed her over after getting her vote he needed. She was warned but thought he would keep his word, he did not. Will he now , probably not. He and tRump basically got what they wanted, more time to fudge it. I worry about the democrats being able to stand the heat. Hugs


    1. Yeah this could go any one of a million ways. What the Democrats have giving up is the “certainty” of fair deal for DACA and a semi rational, long term immigration deal. There are so many moving parts here, we have no idea truly what is going to happen. There is also the possibility that “Chuck and Nancy” have a card up their sleeve and are going to deal directly with the twitterer-in-chief. I just don’t know.

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