January 21, 2018

What’s the DACA impasse all about?

For both Republicans and Democrats, it’s all about positioning in budget negotiations.  That is all.  We have no way of knowing whether GOP congressional leaders were aware Trump was going to unilaterally shit on DACA, but I guarantee they were happy to have that counter on their end of the table for future negotiating.  Allowing CHIP to expire, was a purposefully created counter by the GOP.  They just had to keep pushing that one down to the precipice and here we are.

Without these created counters, the budget negotiations would follow their normal course.  The Republicans would offer expansive spending on the military and underfunding of everything else. much like this slice from their proposed 2017 budget:


Then the Democrats would respond with, “Yeah sure, but we’re going to match every extra dollar spent on the military with a dollar for dollar increased spending on social programs, not cuts.”  And that’s exactly what would happen.  The budget is going to add dollars to the deficit no matter what.  The Democrat’s negotiating extra spending, is going to be even more dollars in the red and the GOP is going to have mud on their face.

The end result is, the GOP has these two counters, which supposedly everyone wants to resolve and refund, to offer up to the Democrats as “what you get.”  What the GOP gets, is everything they want in the budget and no dollar for dollar spending for the Democrats if…if they can keep all deals wrapped up into budget negotiations.  See?

As I mentioned back in November, during the original, first of four extensions to keep our government open for business:

“They still haven’t held CHIP officially hostage, but oh they will my friends.  I can guar-an-fucking-tee it.”

This is why the Democrats want resolution or believable (key word is believable), guaranteed resolution outside of real budget negotiating.  You understand what’s really going on here?  If the Democrats allow all items to be in the same negotiations, they will get nothing except, in whole or in part, the two things which supposedly EVERYONE wants resolved.

What the Democrats must try is to divide and conquer.  Let Trump know they’ll agree to all  of his militarization demands of our southern border, except the administration’s strong desire to punish liberal bastions that don’t want to be part of a police state, through punitive damages.  Make the deal with Trump alone in exchange for a path to citizenship for just the Dreamers.  All other immigration legislation to follow regular order and not attached to the budget.  Anything else dealing with the created boogeyman by the administration’s and congress’ nativist racists, the Democrats can make their promise to help legislate later.

Trump’s Border wall and related demands, are extensive:

“1.Ensure funding for the southern border wall and associated infrastructure.

2. Loopholes in current law prevent “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UACs) that arrive in the country illegally from being removed. Rather than being deported, they are instead sheltered by the Department of Health and Human Services at taxpayer expense

3. Ensure swift Border returns.

i.Seek appropriations to hire an additional 370 immigration judges.
ii. Establish performance metrics for immigration judges.
iii. Seek appropriations to hire an additional 1,000 U.S. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) attorneys, with sufficient support personnel.
iv. Ensure sufficient resources for detention
4. Sanctuary Cities. Hundreds of sanctuary jurisdictions release dangerous criminals and empower violent cartels like MS-13 by refusing to turn over incarcerated criminal aliens to Federal authorities. Therefore, the Administration proposes blocking sanctuary cities from receiving certain grants or cooperative agreements administered or awarded by the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.
5. Necessary Resources.
i. Seek appropriations to hire an additional 10,000 ICE officers.
ii.Seek appropriations to hire an additional 300 Federal prosecutors to support Federal immigration prosecution efforts.
iii. Reforms to help expedite the responsible addition of new ICE personnel.”

The White House’s position on negotiating DACA has been clear all along.  Trump doesn’t care about DACA; he doesn’t care about the budget.  The only thing he has ever cared about as far as legislation is concerned, is throwing another hunk of bloody meat to his rabid base.  following up on that campaign promise to build a big, beautiful wall, would be the highlight of Trump’s life.  If he can get congress to agree to that, his presidency would be complete.  He could then- hit the road; doing nothing but cult pep-rallies for the remainder of his stay.  Unless, of course, there was some option to get back into destroying the ACA.

A promise from Congress to legislate the building of the wall is the Alpha and Omega for Trump, even if Americans end up paying for it.  Even if it is slated for construction ten years from now.  Even if the construction never actually gets funded in omnibus spending legislation…ever.  Which is what I would bet would happen.  It may never get built, even if it is set in legislation, or only partially built, resembling in no way Trump’s original promise.  So what?  Trump wouldn’t give a fuck.  It’s all just a game and he wins!

Agree to all of it.  The public would fucking hate it and hate Trump even more.  There might be some blow-back on the Democrats, so what.  Come out with a strong message for midterms.  Let Trump shoot himself in the foot day in and day out with his self congratulatory victory laps for forcing down everyone’s throats something we didn’t want.

Get it done.  CHIP has to be funded one way or the other.  It’s not a counter.  Don’t allow it to be a counter.  Try again to get it on the floor; carry it into budget negotiations if you have to.

3 thoughts on “January 21, 2018

  1. I may have misunderstood what you wrote, but on sanctuary cities the issue is not if to release or to turn over to the government illegal aliens. The issue is the federal government wants local agencies to do the work, spend the man power hours, pay for the detention and transportation of individuals, all without any monies from the federal government. It is all about who pays for it. The federal government wanted all these things done on the states dime, and the states said pay for it or no way. Plus it is clearly shown that cooperation with local police rises when fear of deportation is not an issue. More crimes are solved and more witness come forward when they are not afraid of deportation. It simply is not the states job to control immigration.

    On the budget situation I cringe when I hear republicans on TV talk about how the democrats have held the military hostage when in fact it was a democrat that put forward a bill to exempt the military from the shutdown and the republicans ( Mitch McConnell ) blocked it.


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