What a successful Trump presidency looked like

With the legislative and executive branches of government under control of the GOP, the Trump administration quickly began setting in place guidelines by which the US would improve it’s infrastructure, kick-starting job growth and simultaneously vie for world leadership in the renewable energies sector.

January-July: Trump directs congress to create a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure package.  Deteriorating infrastructure is pinpointed by bi-partisan committees and correct monies are set aside.  Opportunities for future growth in the renewable energy markets are recognized and stagnating old-world economies  are transformed.  A concerted effort for revitalization of previous fossil fuel-centric US companies is guided by the President’s Business Council to begin looking towards the future as the need to wean ourselves from fossil fuels is a foregone conclusion whether we “believe” in global warming or not.

July-December-With re-enrollment on the ACA looming, Trump directs Congress to fix “Obamacare,” namely, correcting the dysfunctional market-systems.  Through regular order, committee review, and expert testimony, Congress did.  The public health fund was shifted to prop up the individual mandate in low cost, bare-bones policies and the markets stabilized.  Trump declared “Obamacare” dead, and renamed the new program, “Trumpcare.”

With the economy continuing to rumble along from the Obama years, Trump turns his attention to Tax reform and increased border security for 2018.  Realizing the actual, effective tax rate of 18.5%, put the US in the middle of the pack for corporate rates, Trump directed Congress to lower the current rate by two points.  There were also modest improvements across the board for all personal tax brackets.  These slightly lowered rates were projected to be off set by the already existing increased revenues from the super-charged economy.



Instead, as witnessed with the first year in the books, we have a petulant, impulsive Trump with an administration of clueless ideologues and a GOP lead Congress incapable of governing, collectively bitch-slapping the populace, destroying the environment, and shitting on the world.

Trump’s thoughtless, impulsive acts have constantly created fires where none need to exist and the GOP is in rudderless disarray.

2 thoughts on “What a successful Trump presidency looked like

    1. Yeah. It’s really hard to get one’s arms around the amount of direct and collateral damage Trump is doing with our international relationships. Might be a good topic attempt to quantify, at least by examples. May seem anecdotal because it’s such a massive topic. Will have a look for sure. Good idea.


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