January 14, 2018

Hawaiian citizens had themselves a scare on Saturday.


That’s pretty fucking scary.  38 Minutes of absolute fear until it was announced that…it was all just a mistake.  Here’s the thing though, it’s completely believable, isn’t it?  Don’t we like, fully expect it now?  We wouldn’t be totally shocked, would we?

This is the world we perceive we live in now.  Even if our perceptions might be jacked up from daily life under a rogue regime gone crazy.  We never had a “President” fully engage in open hostility with another world leader regarding war and nuclear weapons like this.  We expect there’s a good chance something is going to happen.  We haven’t been given any reason to believe otherwise.

Meanwhile, here’s Donnie’s schedule for Saturday:


The usual nothing.  Then we heard:



So…he was golfing during the entire affair.

Look, it’s not Trump’s fault that some fool idgit hit the “wrong button” (seriously, shouldn’t the wrong button be a giant red motherfucker underneath a glass box that says “DOOMSDAY BUTTON!!!”?).  What is Trump’s fault, is the atmosphere he has single-handedly created.  What is Trump’s fault, is that we aren’t aware he did anything other than golf.  We aren’t aware he was/is concerned at all because we haven’t heard shit from him.

…and that is a problem my friends.

that’s a very big problem.


If you’re like me, you know for a fact Trump is going to tweet something on Sunday.  I bet you, it is this verbatim:

first tweet: FAKE NEWS MEDIA would have you believe I didn’t care about the missile threat in Hawaii.  NOT TRUE!  I was fully engaged and closely monitoring the situation!

second tweet: The missile scare in Hawaii PROVES, all the more, that we need to upgrade our defensive systems and Military hardware!  DEMS say no to military!  Won’t make a deal.  SAD.

If you’re like me, you have a feeling we’re going to hear more about what Trump actually did or didn’t do, and for sure it’s not going to be good.  Right?  Don’t you think we get a leak that he was either: yelling for a nuclear war on the golf course or he just shut down and couldn’t think that anything needed to be done, and if something did need to be done, then maybe “The Generals” should decide what that is.

We’ll hear something for sure Sunday or Monday.


3 thoughts on “January 14, 2018

  1. I might expect that a missile crisis would be a great inconvenience to him while he is playing golf and he will go off on his childish rant again.

    I agree the tweets will be coming on Sunday. Beside accusing fake news , I suppose he will also blame Obama or Hillary for the false alarm.

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  2. I seen video on the TV of people putting their children into manholes, young people running around looking for what they hope would be cover, people trying to decide if they should stay low or go high. In all I wondered if the beach might be the best place as it would rarely be a target and there wouldn’t be anything tall to fall on you. What do you think. Hugs

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    1. If it were just “ballistic missiles”, ya the beach is as good as anywhere, and certainly better than a city, but that’s assuming N Korea missiles target any better than an Iraqi Skud. : )

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