Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a Cunt

****Editor’s note: I’m going to spin-off the whole “Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a Cunt” franchise into it’s own blog as I can’t have her mealy-mouthed, googly eyed, motherfucking bullshit soiling my highbrow blog once a month.  No sirree.****

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a cunt.  “Let me be clear,” and “I’ve been crystal clear,” and, “let me explain it, so she can understand,” and “there is no discrepancy whatsoever,” in the fact that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a cunt.

She’s not due respect for her position, as she’s earned no respect.  Outside of a few people in the current administration, none of them have earned respect and aren’t due respect.  Trump isn’t deserving of, “give him a chance,” and he certainly isn’t due any respect either.  He’s all of the negative adjectives that have been ascribed to him.  He’s incapable, unqualified, and dangerous…and he was all of that before he was sworn in.  Nothing has changed and nothing shall change.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a cunt.  If anything, her position as Propaganda Minister ensures “cunt” is the title and base of disrespect she is due.  Perpetually argumentative, because the press won’t kiss Trump’s ass as she thinks he is due, derogatory and asinine in her serving up blatant lies as reality, and avoidance of answering any tough questions as, “We’ve already gone over this a hundred times,” when you clearly haven’t fucking clarified anything, otherwise the press wouldn’t be asking you the fucking questions.

Now these tweets clearly indicate Trump’s total lack of awareness and knowledge.  His idiocy isn’t something brand new that just popped up today Sanders.


It’s not the duty of the press to prostrate themselves at Trump’s feet and accept his idiocy as a fault of their own inability to create workaround excuses for the daily displays of his infantile, self-absorbed twattery…and Sarah Huckabee Sanders can lick his nuts all she wants, no one else is required to.  No one else is required to be a blind cult member.  The press doesn’t deserve her arrogant, mealy-mouthed, corn-fed, propaganda bullshit. The public doesn’t have to accept this as just the way it’s going to be.

Trump doesn’t deserve to get a pass for his stupidity.  Sanders doesn’t get a pass for acting like a dumb cunt on Trump’s behalf.  She deserves all the scorn and dislike she has earned.

April 18, 2019.  Mueller Report: Sarah Sanders Guilty of Cuntlusion

April 15, 2019Unbelievable, still a cunt.

January 24 UpdateShe’s still a cunt.

April 13 Update.  You’re not going to believe this, she continues to be a cunt.

May 30 update: Sarah Sander’s inexplicably slightly less cunty!

June 14, 2018: Sarah Sanders Takes Cunthood to a New Level of Cuntiness

November 8, 2018: Sarah Sanders, Cunt Extraordinaire

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