January 11, 2018

I could highlight some of the awful things Trump has said today and/or recently regarding race and nationality, and his racist, nationalist bias.  but, nah.  I could talk about what an idiot Trump is and how despicable Sarah Huckabee Sanders is…but I already did.


I would instead, like to talk about some of the topics that I found of interest from the Fusion GPS testimony.

What is immediately apparent, and was entirely expected, was the different area’s of concern for each the Democrats and the Republicans.  As I stated within the selected transcripts from the testimony, the Republican’s one and only concern is, finding a way in which to discredit or undermine Fusion GPS and the Steele dossier.

It is odd to me how much time they spent on Fusion GPS’s overlaps and intersections with Browder, the Magnitsky Act, and Veselnitskaya.  I can’t see this bearing any good fruits.  Quite the opposite, I see digging into this as opening up a can of worms that will not end well.  Prodding this testimony along helps to discredit Browder’s involvement in a bill that’s already been passed in the US in the Magnitsky Act.  Digging into Fusion GPS’s bank accounts, if exposed, could very well cast much of the political complex into bad light.  Does Grassley really want to go there?  The public might be very unhappy with what is discovered.  I admit, I’d be pretty damn interested to know about all of the people and organizations for which GPS has done work.

I can’t imagine why the GOP lawyers were directed to dig into the Fusion GPS-Browder thing at all.  We all know Browder isn’t clean, but I think we all firmly support the Magnitsky act.  They start pushing Glenn Simpson along and they’re putting into testimony, yet again, all of the nasty, questionable activities Browder has been involved in.  And we’re not talking hearsay and the “smear campaign” either.  Fusion GPS used public records.  Verifiable accounts of Browder’s shady dealings.  Why put that into testimony again?  I don’t get it.  Is this the best they had?

Now there are 3 things that really stand out to me from the GOP play:

  1. Page 225, I’m guessing this is the part the GOP is going to hang their hat on. Grassley supplied Simpson with the necessary answer:Q. Do you know who paid for Mr. Steele’s trip to Rome to meet with the FBI?A. I have read recently that — I think in a letter from Senator Grassley that the FBI reimbursed the expense, but to be clear, I mean, that’s it. He was, to my knowledge, not been compensated for that work or any other work during this time.****** This is the only semi-verified information that Steele was, in effect, paid by the FBI.  I think we’ll be hearing this little snippet again from the GOP henchmen.  This is a shiny penny.  Notwithstanding the fact, that the information was fed to Simpson from Grassley.  I betcha we don’t ever hear that again.  That little piece of information is going to fade away.  What letter is Simpson referring to?  Did Grassley bury this little tidbit in a formal letter to Simpson?
  2. Page 261-265.  I was really bummed they didn’t read into testimony all of the Manafort notes, but why are the GOP lawyers directed to bring into testimony as exhibit the Manafort “notes” from the Trump tower meeting with the Russians anyway?  Why do they direct Simpson to peruse the notes? —->
    MR. LEVY: When say “meetings notes,” meeting notes about what meeting?MR. DAVIS: These are the meeting notes from the June 9th meeting at Trump Tower. These are Mr. Manafort’s notes or they’re contemporaneous.******Are these the “notes” from the meeting? or are they contemporaneous?  Were there actually notes taken at the meeting by Manafort?  The lawyers shove the notes in front of Simpson and ask him to look at them.  He says he doesn’t know what this stuff means.  Simpson’s lawyer says he doesn’t know what the notes mean.  But look at it anyway, say the lawyers, do your best.  Simpson ticks them off.  Don’t know, don’t know, don’t know, this looks like it’s related to Browder’s Offshore Hermitage Accounts, don’t know, don’t know.  This is a person I believe is mis-identified..and then:

    Simpson says, “‘Russian adoptions by American families’ I assume is a reference to the adoption issue.

    Q. And by ‘adoption issue’ do you mean Russia prohibiting U.S. families from adopting Russian babies as a measure in response to the Magnitsky act?

    A. I assume so.”

    ….And then the lawyers say, okay, lets move onto something else.  Was all of this just a ploy to get into testimony a statement that the Manafort notes were about Russian adoption?

  3. There was one very interesting little tidbit Simpson muttered aloud while scanning over the Manafort “notes”. “’Illici,’ I don’t know what that means.”  I thought maybe the stenographer might have got caught up in an issue with phonetics, but nah he would have asked a clerk to verify this either that day or later when transcribing.  I think this is Manafort’s phonetic representation of what he heard.  I think “Illici” from the Manafort notes, is actually “Elysee” as read into testimony by Simpson.

Elysee Piping Systems Limited in Cyprus.  or wait….Elysee Piping Systems Limited in Russia.  In Germany?  Ok, so they have different branches all over the damn world.  But what makes me think Elysee is Illici is that even though they are based in Cyprus (where everything that’s fishy happens) they have also registered in UK, in a matrix of 110 shell companies that expands outward into countless entity names and individuals that I have neither the time or resources to map.  oop.  It’s now 111 shell companies.  It started with Fiduci-Corp which is a principal “officer’ in a majority of the original matrix LTDs.  The family running this organization is Protopapas (sorry if this is completely unwarranted clan Protopapas!).  All of these shell LTD’s were created from 2014 to present.  Here is the center of the Elysee matrix if you care to start snooping around.  Good luck and God bless.


Large excerpts of Fusion GPS transcripts: https://100percenttrue.wordpress.com/2018/01/09/fusion-gps-large-excerpts-from-full-transcripts/



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