December 26, 2017

Trump and the State Propaganda news network continue hammering away at the FBI, DOJ, and the Mueller investigation.  Meanwhile….

There are a couple administrative movements that concern me quite a bit.  They have been ongoing and at this point appear to be continual, concerted efforts.  The first one (the one I want to talk about today) takes shape in the destabilization and militarization of the world.

Trump has made clear his feeling that the US should not act as a peacekeeper or financier of global social programs or party to global pacts with peace in mind.  His administration has made it clear that they feel the ability of the State department to negotiate and promote common causes and peace is unnecessary to the point of it’s utter dismantlement.

Instead, Trump wants to arm Japan, to deal with North Korea directly.

The US approved an arms deal with Qatar, whom are in direct conflict with Saudi Arabia presently.

The US approved another new arms deal with Saudi Arabia…in conflict with Qatar and an ongoing heightened conflict with Iran currently taking place in a humanitarian crisis of inhumane proportions in their Yemen proxy war.  The current in-state intrigue in Saudi Arabia appears to be tacitly approved by this administration and we have yet to see what emerges from what could be the new ideological state of the house of Saud.

The Trump administration continues to disparage the peacekeeping forces of UN and NATO, removed the US from the Iran nuclear pact, declared it’s intentions to put the US embassy in Jerusalem which creates mass turmoil, has dismissively allowed Russian backed evil forces in Syria to prosper, regularly attempts to goad N. Korea into military action, and we don’t even know yet what the Kurdish-Iraqi situation is going to play out like yet, but I imagine it involves arming both sides from the US.

This administration’s goal is clearly to further financially prop up the US arms dealers and to dump billions into our own military.  This, in effect, is a type of social program that conservatives find more appealing than anything perceived as overtly social.  It’s not particularly effective though.  These billions and trillions would be better spent on direct social funding, nationally and internationally; an idea this administration finds anathema to it’s core beliefs.  Money spent on education, health, and housing is eminently more effective both short term and long term, rather than the reduction in mouths to feed via exportation of conflict and murder.

The current Administration cannot wrap it’s collective head around the idea that our money spent on peace will show no clear immediate return on investment that cannot be ascertained without a view for the long-term via intelligent, thoughtful diagnosis.  Tis nothing compared to the immediate, cold, hard cash received for the sale of military hardware.

I believe it is fully intentional that this administration seeks to create global destabilization and to broker sales for the conflicts born of the effort.

For future reference: US military personnel are disproportionately from Southern states.

One thought on “December 26, 2017

  1. Beyond the monies to states and companies supporting the manufacture of military goods, and the service industries that come with having huge military people in an area, the fact is what these conflicts are doing to weaken Europe is a huge factor. It is an attempt to sow as much discord around the globe as possible. Russia is interested in both the weakening of any other country for their own gain, but also the destruction of legal police systems. The russian crime mob controls huge assets by funneling cash all over the world where not checked. They have been side by side with tRump since his time trying to own casinos. As recently as 2 decades ago he started paling around openly with known mobsters. I know for a fact that many mob people came to Mar-a Lago both to meet tRump and to work for him in his businesses. It is thought that after the banks in the US refused to fund any tRump project the Russian mob and Oligarchy started to fund him. This is the true Russian story, the money and the interference to protect the money laundering is deep with the tRump family. At least two of the tRump properties are nothing more than empty money laundering schemes. So by destabilizing all the other countries via aggression / war or refuges problems flooding the borders, it reduces the amount of policing pressure on the criminals. They can get way with more because the oversight is less. Hugs

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