Trump halting the Mueller Investigation

There’s enough chatter to justify talking about it.  Particularly since a lot of the chatter is coming from Democratic Congresspeople.  They are concerned about the date December 22, a Friday night when Congress is out of session.

Trump could take the traditional Saturday night massacre approach of asking Rosenstein to fire Mueller and when he resigns, working his way down to the ever interesting Dana Boente (what the hell is going on with that guy?) and beyond.  Trump could also use, what is perhaps the more expedient approach, of inserting recess appointments and just directly placing someone whom will dismiss Mueller.  At any rate, it’s possible.

What would happen if he did?  Not sure, because where it once stood that most Republicans would not allow interference in the Mueller investigation, there is now eroding confidence that they would collectively do anything.  They could respond to any recess appointment(s) by placing Congress back in session.  That seems highly likely, no matter what Trump has done.  No Congresspeople want the government being messed with while they are out of session.

But how would Congress react if Trump had successfully removed Mueller before any of them could do a thing about it?  I don’t know.  The House would continue to be the mess it is probably.  The Senate?  What would they do?

“Congress could enact a law reinstating the independent-counsel statute, on a one-time-only basis. Congress lacks the executive power to name the counsel but could pass a “sense of the Congress” provision encouraging Chief Justice John Roberts to name a panel to expeditiously appoint Mueller to continue his probe. “

This would require 2/3 to vote on it to ensure overriding a veto, which of course would come. I think we are safe with the Senate.  The House…I don’t know.  No matter what happens, the investigation into Russian interference would continue.  No matter what, any testimony before Grand Jury would continue to exist.  No matter what, anything that has already made it’s way to State Courts, would continue.

More importantly, no matter what, the public reaction to Trump ending the Mueller investigation would be immediate, volatile, and as Trump is fond of saying, “Like nothing ever seen before.”  Honestly, the public reaction would be at a concerning high level of agitation.

If Republicans tried to ride the storm and attempt to avoid the issue altogether, public disobedience could very well look like outright rioting.  The potential for seemingly self righteous, constitutional, counteraction in the form of deranged use of firearms is not out of the question.  It’s not hard to envision Trump tweeting out his approval of violent reaction to protestors, is it.  As so often is the case, Trump would afford us the displeasure of going places we have never been and never desired to visit.

I prefer to think that Trump’s lawyers still have enough sway over Trump to guide him away from what would be political suicide, a constitutional crisis, and potential harm to the country, but who knows?

What do you think?


Added:  Fox news/Trump propaganda industrial complex piling it on:

4 thoughts on “Trump halting the Mueller Investigation

  1. Betting that the results of the investigation are not going to be well accepted by the swamp republicans and democrats… The Inspector Generals report documenting the rampant abuse and politicization of the FBI DOJ is what should concern everyone… that is the one which will include Comey, Lynch, Rice, Strzok, Gates, McCabe, obstructing justice.

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  2. When I used to live in the Philippines, there was people power and the dictator Ferdinand Marcos was ousted out of his country.Feb. 24-26,1986 and Coraazon Aquino became the new president. It really depends on how the Americans will react.

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  3. We have two problems I can see. First the DOJ has already begun detaining, charging, and attempting to prosecute people and reporters who protest against the wishes of this administration. We have it on video where the police used a containment procedure to then arrest first the cameramen and then the reporters and then the civilian protesters. Also twice the DOJ has attempted prosecute a woman who simply laughed at the nomination hearing of Jeff Sessions. It is said Sessions personally took offence and wanted her jailed. So any protest will involve serious push back and harassment by the full force of the DOJ and police.

    The second issue I see is that tRumpsky is not controlled by anyone. I know him from a long time ago. No one who worked for him was allowed to tell him he was wrong or to tell him no. You couldn’t disagree with him. If he tells you it is raining , then no matter what the weather it is simply raining. Because he says so. Take that and his reaction to anything he doesn’t like, especially something he perceives as a threat, is to what he wants is to lash out with as much anger and stupidity as possible. He will not be bound by his lawyers, he will not consider the law nor the consequences. He will take the sneakiest tactic and congratulation himself and think he was a winner. All the while losing.

    So it is really is a dangerous time with no clear protections for the special prosecutor. We can not depend on the republicans in congress who are already bowing down to tRumpsky and trying to shut down the investigation. They say in the news that tRumpsky has personally put a huge amount of pressure on the republicans to shut the probes down. So nothing his lawyers have said is to be taken seriously.

    Thanks for a great post. Hugs

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